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  1. Thank you, this was my first intention, but I want to keep te electrical trigger of my two housings in use, just in case. Anyway, it doesn't look difficult to make it by myself, and after watching the Kraken de Mabini's one the one doubt is use the plastic plug or design and print one with a 3d printer
  2. Thank you very much !!!, sorry for the late reply, I've been on a trip and didn't enter the forum. Really really helpfull the whole thread!!
  3. Well, we are back from the trip and the truth is that all the advice you gave me here has been very useful. The only thing that I would change about the trip is the number of days in Lembonghan, we have spent 11 days there and only 2 in Tulamben, since that is how the package we had bought was made. We should have done it the other way around, in terms of photography the currents in Penida, Lembongan and Ceningan were so strong that we couldn't do macro or night shots and many of the wide angle shots were taken on the fly in the current. The truth is that the days in Tulamben both in Liberty and in the other dive sites were a spectacle of seeing creatures one after another. We did the sunrise dive on the Liberty and no luck with the school of bumphead parrot fisch and reef sharks, but the light was great for photos. We will return, but I think only to Tulamben and at most one day to Lembonghan to go to Manta Point
  4. Thank you, looks great, but before spend all that money It would be great to watch a non interested test (I'm not saying than you have any interest)
  5. Yep, that strobe was in my mind, but something with continuous light would be great
  6. Following this thread. And considering to make myself a trigger, does anybody know where can I buy the Hotshoe already done ? I can find the Subal and the Aquatica ones, but for the price of it I can buy a complete trigger.
  7. Thank you for the input Barmaglot. Right now I am using a snoot designed by myself and printed in 3D for my Subtronic 160 pro Fusion Strobes, I have two versions of it, one which is basically a black funel and another one in which I installed a lens from an old diapo projector. They both work fine, but I find them too big to use. One of my dive buddies have the Retra pro Strobe with the Retra strobe, which I find almost as big as my one and says that it works great but it's also very tricky to use. This is why when I saw this torch I find out than it's small and you can put it in an extra ball when you go for macro at the same time than your strobes and use the snoot or the strobes whenever you want with no need to uninstall the snoot from the strobe.
  8. Hi all, have anybody tested this torch. I don't like normal snoots attached to strobes due to the lack of light and they are really tricky to use. But I have seen this snoot torch in internet, They say 100.000 lux and 1.200 lumen. It looks very poor, but who knows...Have anybody already tested it ?
  9. Not with the 60mm, I'm in love with the 100mm + 45 mm extension ring when I'm going for really macro shots. Obviously you can't focus to infinity. When I'm going to take photos not so macro I use the 60mm macro with the Kenko 1'4x but I don't like it that much because it's slower focusing. Always with the 5D mkII
  10. That's the reason for we are going, one of my dive partners says it's probably the best part of the world to see a great variety of corals and different critters, plus the mantas and the molas.. We are not going to stay more than one day in Tulamben, we have already closed the trip in terms of hotels and dive center to dive with and I can't move anything now but to ask for one dive instead of other one. But right now my intention is to dive 4 dives in one day on the Liberty and leave the reefs for diving in Lembongan. The trip has been organized by one of my partners but I think we shouldn't have already paid the dives and do ir once we have arrived. But now I can't do anything.
  11. Thank you very much, I don't have much hope of looking de mola's as long as we are going a little bit out of the season. I don't care that much for the thermoclines, here in Ibiza, where I usually dive it's very common to find the thermoclines at -20 during the summer, although this summer has been very different, there were not thermoclines neither in -40 m and if we found anyone was a couple of degrees of difference, not normal at all.
  12. Thank you so much, to be honest I still haven't go and I am not very fan of dive concepts, the website site is terrible, it doesn't shows any kind of information further than pictures and list dive sites. I have write them asking about the neoprens they have for the costumers, as I am planning not to bring my own one in order to lighten the baggage, all the answer I had was a laconic... 5 mm wetsuit. But I can't do anything right now, we have already paid the hotel and the diving, so let's hope everything goes fine.
  13. Thank you !!! it sounds really good, I'll suggest it to my dive partners and to the dive center
  14. Thank you very much for the tips, I really appreciate it. We are going to be only one day and a half in Tulamben, just to dive in the Liberty wreck, in fact I was planing to use only the wide angle in the wreck, for sure there will other dives to mount macro in Lembongan, or is it going to be hard to find the same strange creatures out of the Liberty wreck ? I don't know how are we going to dive in Tulamben, the Liberty wreck from the shore for sure, but the other four dives that we are going to do in Tulamben I don't know if it will be from the shore or with a boat, any ¡way I always wear booties for diving The rest of the trip is going to be in Lembongan and Penida where we have sheduled 4 days in the manta point even I don't know if it's going to be possible. The rest of the dives are going to be in reefs. In fact what i use to do in my dive trips is to mount wide angle during the day and the macro in the night dives. Although where I usually dive at home I love to mount wide angle at night.
  15. Hi all, in one month I am going to a trip to Bali, 2 weeks diving in Lembongan and Tulamben. I know that this is a destination to see big mantas and mola if lucky and a lots of tiny creatures. I pretend to travel with all my rig, 8" and 4" dome, fisheye, flat port, the 60 macro and 100 macro as well. But I am not sure of what to exactly do. I am looking for your tips and experiences. It's my first time in Bali and I will be diving with Dive Concepts diving center. Thank you very much in advance
  16. Well, I am not an expert, but I know a bit of electronics and I feel confident with it, no problem with the capacitors. But your are right, it will be easier and cheaper to find an Inon as spare. Sea&Sea never ever
  17. Thank you both, I don't want to spend a lot of euros on it because this strobe is one of my spares. I switched to Subtronic pro 160 Fusion a year ago which are my prefered ones, I have found that the quality of the light of the Subtronics is only surpased by the retra pro that a friend has. Now I have had some issues with the Subtros which I bought second hand and where working smootthly till a couple of months ago when I noticed one of them doesn't fire and the other one ddoesn't fire form below 25 meters depth, but this is another history of 400 more euros... After send my subtros to the service I started to use my spares Sea&Sea. I own two D2 and one D1. One of the D2 is in the service (a man who knows how) since one year ago, I sent it to him because he repaired the same strobe quick and cheap two years ago, and now he says he is waiting for a piece because it's a different fail. So now I have for diving a D2 and a D1, the other D2 is working fine, but the D1 failed as soon as I connected to the housing, even it was working perfectly the last time I used it, after rinse it and keep it in my photo room never worked again. So now despite having 5 strobes I can only use one. I am going on a trip to Bali in 40 days and the good new is that I will have my Subtros with me. But take pictures this summer at home, Ibiza, has been a hell with only one flash, despite I have learn a lot about how to lit with only one strobe in wide angle.
  18. Hi all, I know it's a long shot, but, does anybody know any service point or a person who knows how or a tutorial of how to repair a Sea&Sea D1 ? My strobe was repaired once because of the known fail of the lamp, but the person who repaired it doesn't do it anymore. It's not the same fail, because I opened the strobe and after a month I put batteries on it and it fired, when I closed it again, it didn't wrok anymore, I opened again but it doesn't work, even with the red light. Send it to Japan it's not an option, to expensive and too much time, to find someone in Spain would be great. I don't want to spend too much money on it, because I'm firing Subtronic and the Sea&Sea is the spare one. Thank you very much
  19. atus

    WTB flash trigger

    I thought about that but too much money for a second hand housing of a 5D updated with 3d printing to a 5D mkII. I'm planning to buy a brand new rig in the medium time so I don't want to spend so much money in this housing. Updating strobes and housing to fiber with brand new Aquatica would cost 500 €, and I'm looking to spend much less.
  20. Hi all, I'm tired of issues with the electrical cords, so I'm looking to actualize my aquatica housing to optical fiber. So I need a trigger and the port conections for the cables. If anybody has any left over and wants to sell...
  21. Hi all, i want to show you a very different photo of an eagle ray. A have a lot of doubts with it, on the one hand it's very different to everything we use to show but on the other it's plenty of sand, the litting has issues and it's out of focus. But I like it....What do you think about it ? SVF24042021087
  22. Hi all, these are my last photos taken, the firsts of the year, in Ibiza, Mediterranean Sea. I hope you like it SVF06012022032 SVF02122022183
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