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  1. I’m thinking it’s most likely a two-spot or Māori wrasse. ( Oxycheilinus bimaculatus) Or, maybe a flasher wrasse.
  2. I’m not thrilled about the asking price either. I will ask what’s included and we can always offer less for sure. Can you email me directly and we can discuss price there? Lelliottinsavannah@gmail.com
  3. Sooo….you still interested? Have a lead through wunderhorn on a pair of Type 2’s used less than 5 times; he’s asking US$1700 for the pair. US based so shipping might be reasonable. Your thoughts?
  4. Thanks TimG and troporobo. I kinda thought that might be the case…the z330 is so powerful….I’ll likely try it with another strobe and back it off like you said and see what happens. Who knows the imbalanced light could create a super artistic shot if I get everything else right! I’ll keep looking for another z330 and consider buying a pair of something else.
  5. So, I bought myself one (1) great INON Z330 strobe as a first step into wide angle photography before they got discontinued! Now I’m trying to find another and based on some suggestions was wondering if I tried combining it with an Inon Z240 or any other strobe would work. The Z330 promised so much and is amazing but it can’t work alone. Any thoughts on a suitable ‘second’?
  6. Hey Radioactive Rhino! I’m looking for the same thing: one Inon z330 (type 2). Maybe if we both keep our ears tuned we can find someone selling a pair and split them? If you’re North American based (like me) this might be do able….
  7. Hey Wunderhorn! Yes please! Ive just spoke to another hopeful searcher and if we buy the pair he can have one and I can! Can you send me the details for this other pair you know of? Please and Thanks!
  8. So, I bought one (1) Inon Z330 type 2 strobe a year ago hoping to save up enough money to buy another one once I could justify the expense to my somewhat limited dive travel and photography budget. And just now, ready to take the plunge, found out they were discontinued. I’m looking for one of the same to make a pair, OR, maybe I could sell this one to someone in the same boat? I used this about 5 times on one trip in March trying to teach myself wide angle photography with one strobe. Really need a second strobe!
  9. Hey Newwaterphotographer! I would like to buy the whole set please! Thank you, Linda E (pangeagirl) ps. Your out of water photography is beautiful!
  10. Thanks Craig! Bang on on the wrasse! Read the description of the black wrasse and looked at other pictures - thats definitely him! I dont know corals either...need more books and more time underwater! Happy New Year to you and thanks again!
  11. I thought the diving in Viet Nam was fantastic. Dove around Con Dao first and the corals there are amazing! Forests of staghorn as far as the eye can see, colourful corals of various types (soft and hard). the vis wasnt great the days I dove but that happens. Not alot of larger fish as over fishing is an issue there but lots of interesting small ones and lots of nudibranch and slugs. Also dove further up the coast in Nha Trang and there they have an established sanctuary zone. Tons of activity from dive companies and snorkeling tours but the dive company I went out (Nha Trang Sea Star) with had lots of dive guides and put people with similar capabilities together to tailor experiences. The reefs in Nha Trang are very healthy and there were lots more fish to see and we found several nudibranch there too.
  12. The second one is a little guy, about 2cm across. He moved in quick jerks across large spaces relative to his size. Not like the dancing squiggly movements of the juvenile harlequin sweetlips but like fast darting movements with no specific direction. ( half my photos were of nothing ) The third one...what is under the banded shrimp??
  13. Thanks Craig! The first one definitely is similar...the stripes and colours work; even the blue edge to the tail. Looks like a match. I'm going to post one more oddball soon. Maybe you can help with that one too.
  14. Hi Craig, It's wonderful when the names make sense...the shrimp is Dasycaris ceratops, otherwise known as 'Sea Pen Shrimp'. See the description of the carapace in the attached excerpt from Coral Reef Phillipines - Reef ID Books by A.S. Ryanskiy. Your photo clearly shows this. Once again- great shot! (A.S Ryanskiy's book also identified a nudibranch doto as the 'Grape doto' or Doto ussi and it looks remarkably similar to yours.)
  15. Anyone seen this fish before? Water clarity wasnt the best but the colours seem true. Very distinctive markings but I cant find it! Thank-you!
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