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  1. Sorry for bringing this up very late, but my Fantasea LED trigger does fire my Sea and Sea YS-D2J's however wouldn't work with any of the shop bought standard fibre optic cables for UWP. I ended up using flexible 3.5mm side glow fibre cable, encased in a black hose and wrap it close to my strobe arms, there is more than enough light produced to light the sensors in the YS-D2j's... If you don't wrap the FO cables in black hosing then bright sunlight can trigger the strobes by hitting the FO cables. My problem is I have made one pair of these cables but when I reordered the cable to create spare cables I get a different ones, either non-flexible or with an external skin making it too wide. To make they cost around £10 ($13) to make 2 including connectors at each end, no skills needed other than to be able to measure and use a sharp knife. As said the LED's put out enough light the problem is the amount transmitted by the commercial FO cables.
  2. Hi I've been using the 6500 in a Fantasea housing for around 6mths and like you went from a Canon compact. Its a great rig, although takes some getting used to. I started out with the kit 16-50mm, with wet lenses, worked ok, then I got myself a Tonika 10-17mm(canon fit).. and its much better, even though I had a UWL-09f wet lens on the 16-50. Also I picked up a 60mm Canon 2.8 macro which I've just started trying to play with, and that too works great. I also have the 90mm but yet to pay with it underwater. I guess the issue is you are going to a camera which needs a choice of lens to excel at either macro or wide angle, its a mind set I had to adapt to. Also note regardless of housing, the lens costs can be 'ok' but you will need ports and rings which in some cases will cost more than the lens (for just a metal ring with no moving parts!). The 6500 also is limited to a max 1/125 flash and 1/250 with an led flash trigger. Still not a massive issue, but very different to a compacts sync speed. Also there is a massive difference in weight both dry and wet so you've been warned... I now need to transport it on holiday in two bags, mainly due to the ports.
  3. Hi Everyone Been diving with a camera for a while (from 35mm days), but its become the reason for diving, even here on the South Coast of England.. Cheers
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