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  1. Looking for the LX100ii and Nauticam housing.
  2. If you've talking just critters (non fish etc)...handsdown... Reef Creatures. Humann And Deloach The latest publication features significant updates. Well worth the purchase!!
  3. How many dives have these done? Interested in one. Are you selling these via eBay, share link please?
  4. Sorry to hear that. Interested in your strobe please. Where are you posting from?
  5. I was reading the 16-50mm lense and swopping with a wide or macro wet is a pretty flexi setup for the shooting both on the same dive. I'm thinking of moving from A110 compact to a A6500 myself. Thought it would be better than a compact in every way. Interesting to hear your thoughts on your change!
  6. I have been using a Canon A110 for a few years with a UWL-04 in Nauticam housing. This has been my first camera for UW so served me well to learn some basics. Now keen to see what a different setup could bring. Ideally something that will last my skills for time to come (something to grow into i guess) Lots of positive chat about the A6500, good mix of portability with decent sensor size. Sounds like starting with a 16-50mm lense makes it adaptable to a wide angle and macro wet. Now the A6660 is out the price is even more reasonable. Lenses As i'm just starting out using lenses, are there any recommendations for an initial lense setup with this camera? Something versatile that can be used for macro and wide angle without the cost and hassle of multiple lenses. Housing Was looking Fantasea housing - looks like a good balance of quality, flexibility and price. Any current or past owners with any words of wisdom would be appreciated! Thanks!
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