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  1. There are a few scratches on the visor but the glass is flawless. Seeking $820
  2. For Sale: Nauticam N100 Macro Port 55, SKU# 37123, retail: $410 Nauticam N85 to N100 65mm Port Adapter w/ zoom knob, SKU# 36205, retail: $470 The ports were used with the Sony 90mm F2.8 Macro lens. See the photo below taken with the 90mm lens. These ports are in like new condition. They were purchased in October of 2019 and used on one dive trip. I am seeking $650.
  3. I am considering buying one of these and would like to hear about the quality of images you captured with this port. Thanks
  4. Unfortunately, I lost the plug and the tool for the opening where the vacuum valve is mounted so It is part of the housing now.
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