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  1. I’ll look for the back scatter test! I’m shooting an a6000. Thoughts with that?
  2. Im just getting into UW photography and am trying to make a decision on what direction to go with strobes. I've been told to buy the pro level ones first (Inon z300 or the Sea & Sea YS-D2J ) but obviously they come with a hefty price tag. If I "settled" for something like the Inon D2000, would I quickly be wanting more power? I'm definitely trying to be cost conscious here, but don't want to get in and a few month later already be looking to upgrade. As for buying used, is there anything specific that I should be looking for or be aware of with pre-owned strobes? Thanks in advance! Russ
  3. Amazing. Do you mind keeping me in mind when you hear of it being available? I would be really interested. Can't thank you enough for your help as I'm trying to figure out what in the world I'm getting myself into!
  4. Got it. This is super helpful, and absolutely something I didn't know existed! It looks like they are housing specific as well. Do you know if any would be compatible with the SeaFrogs?
  5. Can you elaborate on the LED trigger? Can that work with all cameras/housing?
  6. If you aren't triggering off of the camera flash and no other sync port, what would you trigger from? I'm shotting an a6000. Sorry for a lot of super newbie questions... the whole flash syncing thing seems way more complicated to me than I know it is.
  7. A strobe like the Inon z330 would do both manual and TTL though, correct?
  8. Thank you, this is super helpful. One more, maybe stupid, question... when I'm triggered a strobe based on an optical cable, the internal flash on my camera needs to be popped up inside the housing, correct?
  9. Hi All, Super newbie here and I'm trying to figure out what sync cords to use? Electronic vs Optical. For some reason, this has been super confusing for me and I've not be able to find a good source for general information on it. Can someone break it down for me? For reference, I'm shooting a Sony a6000 in SeaFrogs salted line housing. Have not bought strobes yet. Thanks in advance!
  10. Oh awesome, the Retra should be a great addition. I'm looking at the Inon Z330's - do you know the best way to trigger those? Would the housing support those?
  11. I look forward to the day I'm shooting this quality with my a6000! Beautiful work.
  12. What strobes are you shooting with this? I just ordered the same housing and curious to what strobes people are having luck shooting with it.
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