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  1. I have a digital version. After the inward lighting text is an overhead shot of Alex with the strobes in said position. Looks very obvious to me.
  2. You could drill a small hole in both ends, drain the contents, then fill with aerosol foam ( you can find it at Home Depot).
  3. I do not dive near home, too cold for this old fart. I did spend 15 years between Ft. Lauderdale and the Bahamas, mostly Bimini. Most of my diving now involves an airplane and passports.
  4. https://prescriptiondivemasks.com I have used these people for over 15 years, great product, great service.
  5. Thanks to Adam and Alex for your insight. Do either of you have any experience good or bad using bayonet mounts for diopters?
  6. It sounds like it would be worth the time to spend a day in-transit in Japan just to pick up a few lenses.
  7. Dann-Oh, Your best bet is to contact Backscatter, they are always very helpful. I think that the PEN ports are compatible, but not 100% sure.
  8. It is intended to be used primarily for macro work, but that can be stretched a bit for medium sized subjects. If you go to Backscatter’s site and watch their videos you will get a better understanding. Call Backscatter and talk to them. I have done this numerous times with many different questions and they always took whatever amount of time that was necessary to help me better understand. Good luck. Brant
  9. Hi Dann-Oh, The Backscatter Mini Flash is not a bad choice, as long as you are willing to work unthinkable it’s restrictions. For macro and close work it will do the job. Do not expect it to be much use for wide angle. I have one, but have not had a chance to really use it (Covid). Another option is buying used. Lots of very affordable equipment is sold here daily. If you feel that only one strobe will be too restrictive you might want to read Alex Mustard’s book. He stresses using “only” one strobe in all his workshops. Effective close and macro photography can easily be accomplished with only one strobe. Enjoy the journey that we call Under Water Photography, it is addictive and very rewarding. Brant
  10. Thanks for the replies. I was wary of the flip getting in the way also, thanks Adam for confirmation. Has anyone used the bayonet mounts?
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