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  1. I am using a EM5.3 in the AOI housing with the AOI trigger. It fires my S&S YS-01 strobes and the MF-1 without issues. I do shoot manual only, so I cannot comment other wise.
  2. Absolutely stunning!!! I really needed to see this after being house-bound for the past 18 months. Thank you very much. What lease were you using?
  3. You have 2 screws on each side that hold the adjustable handle mounts. A piece of aluminum or Delrin (POM) flat bar could be attached there with appropriately longer screws. You now have a clean base to work with for either 3 or 4 legs.
  4. Captain Fathom, I see you have 2 Velcro straps near your StiX floats, what are they used for?
  5. It may be worth a thought to consider doing it as a black/white.
  6. Check Reef Photo, they usually have some in their used goods.
  7. Even with the bayonet mount I use a lanyard. When it is moved from the port to the arm bracket I know that if I don’t have a lanyard I will drop it, and most likely on a wall dive!
  8. Adam, I won’t ask to see your cards, but I will ask Who is the band at the beginning and end? My wife/dive buddy asks if she hasn’t heard them in a while.
  9. For testing purposes I assemble my setup and test focal distances in the kitchen sink. Only the front of the port/wet lens combo need to be underwater. Put a small object in the sink and test away.
  10. Up for sale on eBay: eBay.com/item/184861222454
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