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  1. It is very simple. Assemble your kit as if for a dive with batteries and everything, fill the bathtub, use a luggage scale to weigh it.
  2. I used the Zen 100 with an extension on my OLY EM5 housing. When I upgraded to an EM5iii I continued to use the Zen 100 with an extension and the focus gear fits with a little modification. The "OLY" housings were made by AOI. They all have the PEN mount, and you need the PEN/OMD adapter. If you really need I could post a few shots of the 12-40 in place on the em5iii housing tomorrow.
  3. Traveldave, I had the Zen 100 port for my 9-18, that and a 22mm extension just fits the 12-40, but with very miner vin. in the corners. It is very sharp and focus is instant.
  4. That's Harry's second cusine Jose.
  5. Valerie, Thank you for the short trip down Memory Lane. Great technique with the snoot.
  6. Tim, very nice, thanks for posting.
  7. I'm really anal about my O rings. I transport and store my housing and ports with one set of Orings, and when I get to the resort I replace them all. One set for travel/storage, one set for working.
  8. It is a Zen dome for the Pen series with the OMD adapter. The gear does fit inside the PEN-sized opening. The 4" dome is not listed as compatible with the 12-40 PRO on the AOI site. You might be able to fit it into the dome, but that does not mean that it will work.
  9. The 12-40 will fit inside, but extension will be needed, and it may crop some in the corners.
  10. That does not look like a "Joe Springer" in the background.
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