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  1. Thanks for the reply. I failed to realize that you were dealing with fisheyes.
  2. Just a quick question. Why not use the Oly 7-14 PRO lens?
  3. Mark, Nice pictures. Do you have any contact info for the Wellingreng?
  4. D and there is a mirror inside that reflects the flash upward, but it is only about 15 degrees, so sadly it does not appear that it will work. Thanks for you time. Braht
  5. Phil, I have an EM5 in the PT 08 housing. Brant
  6. Phil, Do you know if this would work in an OMD housing? It would save some battery and decrease the cycle time. Brant
  7. Very nice work. It brings back many fond memories of when I dove around Tacoma in the mid 70s.
  8. I have a digital version. After the inward lighting text is an overhead shot of Alex with the strobes in said position. Looks very obvious to me.
  9. Seal the holes after injecting the foam after it has set.
  10. You could drill a small hole in both ends, drain the contents, then fill with aerosol foam ( you can find it at Home Depot).
  11. I do not dive near home, too cold for this old fart. I did spend 15 years between Ft. Lauderdale and the Bahamas, mostly Bimini. Most of my diving now involves an airplane and passports.
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