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  1. Any possibility of talking about Virtual Image? How is it determined? Focus on subjects closer than the virtual image, how are they effected? Thanks for the great episodes so far. Very informative and entertaining.
  2. Woj.dop, Thanks for the post. The pictures show all that I need to see, those results will be fine for my purposes. Nice pictures. Brant
  3. Thanks again to all that have responded. I am willing to accept the corner softness. I currently use the 9-18 Oly behind a Zen WA 100, the pics are OKish, just not as sharp as I would like to see. I also use a M Zuiko 12-40 PRO lens behind the same dome with Vignetting below 14mm. I should be able to resolve the issues with the 12-40 with this AOI port. The 9-18 would be unnecessary at that point, I will post some samples when I get the port and lens and have a chance to get wet again, hopefully sooner rather than later. Brant Emery
  4. Thanks Chris, I have an EM5 first iteration in an PT-EP08 housing. The AOI DLP 08 is the OMD mount, so the lens should fit. I don’t mind a little softness in the corners, I just shoot for me. After diving for over 45 years I’m just collecting memories.
  5. I hate to rain on the party, but I forgot to mention that I am using an Olympus housing. I was looking at the AOI DLP 08 port. Talking with Backscatter I was assured no vignetteing with this port.
  6. Jack, Thanks, I appreciate the picture. I am not a fan of fish-eye, the distortion is not to my liking, just my preference. I don’t mind the expense of the port and add-on accessories, it is the price of playing in this arena. Thanks again, Brant Emery
  7. I am looking for some feedback on the M Zuiko 7-14 Pro lens and what port are you using.
  8. Very nice work Olivier. I really like the Blennies, they are one of my favorite fishes.
  9. Definitely remove the UV filter before diving.
  10. I wonder if this would be compatible with the 12-40mm PRO lens. The examples posted are not very sharp.
  11. One just popped up in the thread “HOLA” Adam,is there a better way to communicate these to you?
  12. I had a similar problem on my EM5, The zoom gear would push back to the camera body, but only while in the water under pressure. I had to move the gear farther forward than usual.
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