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  1. I had a similar problem on my EM5, The zoom gear would push back to the camera body, but only while in the water under pressure. I had to move the gear farther forward than usual.
  2. Just look, if you look very close you can see the krill on the bottom and see their demise. REALLY NICE, thanks Brent. Brant Emery
  3. Great picture Tim. Looks like a baby swaddled in a blanket!
  4. FYI, please check www.cdc.gov Just sayin’
  5. I am not going to get into an argument about PPE, but I came across this and want to share. masks4all.co My wife uses a head band when she dives and I thought it would make a good home-made mask. The brand she uses is ‘Buff’. A folded paper towel between the layers, wash when you get back home after grocery shopping. We can’t get N95 masks, but if you listen to what is on this site, we can reduce the spread. Brant Emery
  6. Daniel, I feel your pan. You said you only get something every now and then. Have you considered taking some classes? Bluewater has many tutorials from basic to advanced on their web site, and they are free. As stated above you need to practice at home until you develop an efficient, correct flow that works. If you read the metadata that is freely supplied with many great pictures you will notice that the camera settings are all very similar, this gives you a great starting place. The only tricky variable is strobe setting. I know that my next suggestion will get lots of negative posts, but it is a good starting place; under expose your shots buy approximately 1 f stop. Better to have to adjust the exposure in post processing than it is to burn the highlights. That leads to another area that needs to be learned, post processing. Are you fluent in Photoshop? Or any other flavor of post processing software? That is a necessity, many photos are “made” or should I say “saved” in Photoshop. None of this is particularly difficult to understand intellectually, but it all takes time and practice. Proper practices makes perfect. You have to know and understand the basic concepts, practice on land, then underwater. At first I would only use one lens to become familiar with it, then on the next trip you could introduce another. Macro for me was the easiest to learn, then I entered the world of wide angle. It is a process that takes time and experience. It is a journey not a destination, enjoy the ride. Brant
  7. EOS R body is up for sale again. I will be posting this on EBay on Monday.
  8. I loved it!!! This reminds me why I dive. I began diving in 1975, and this short video is exactly why I still dive and take pictures, to relax and share with friends the joy and serenity of diving. WK, thank you very much for sharing the peace and serenity of scuba diving. With a little luck our group of 13 will be in Bali in late April for just this, beauty and relaxation. Brant Emery
  9. Beautiful work, this is a technique that I was not aware of. The results are very stunning.
  10. 121, Great article. You have really explained things in easy to understand terms. I imagine you will have opened another can of worms with this article. Thanks
  11. Camera is in excellent condition, I inherited this from my recently deceased brother who was a professional top-side photographer. I have the box and all paper work. 3 batteries and EF-EOS R mount adapter included. I also have a EG-E1 grip extension for top-side use. USA buyer preferred $1200 + shipping..
  12. Thanks Bob, I did read that article. I was looking for some hands on use by the members here. I will be in Monterey next month and one will be coming home with me. I plan on doing some diving while there, if so I’ll post my comments and hopefully some results. Brant
  13. Olympus has a compatibility chart, but it is not easy to find. Call Backscatter, they can give you the url or tell you if it will fit. Brant
  14. Thanks for the link. Looks good. I’ll be in Monterey next month, I think one is going to be added to my kit. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get a few dives in while I’m out there.
  15. Doe anyone have any first hand experience with Backscatter’s Mini Strobe/snoot?
  16. As a new member I was glad to see this thread. I have the luxury of a small machine shop in my garage and it has let me build a lot of my accessories. When I migrated to an OLYMPUS OMD E-M5 I made my own tray, handles, arms and clamps. Not giving much thought to the o-rings, I just bought a size that fit my design and chose a hard durometer to hold up under the abuse. I’ve been using them for 4 years now and they hold position well and are easily adjustable. After reading this I think I must have been very fortunate to have them work as well as they do. If anyone is interested in changing their o-rings you might look at www.mcmaster.com and search their o-ring selections. Brant Emery
  17. Absolutely beautiful work! You said this was the first time for you on a Black Water dive. How difficult was it to frame and focus? I have never done that type of dive and I very much want to try on future trips. Any suggestions? Brant
  18. Hello fellow photo-holics. My name is Brant and I currently reside in the Chicago area. I started taking pictures underwater in 1979 while working on a live aboard in the Bahamas. I have gone thru several upgrades over the years and I currently shoot with an Olympus OMD E-M5. I am looking forward to sharing and learning here, I really want to progress from my current level. I’ll post some of my recent work in the appropriate forum.
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