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  1. Similar to you I just upgraded to my first FF. I went with the Panasonic S1 rather than the sony though. I just did my first dive using the Cannon 8-15 fisheye (using an adaptor). I thought it was great for stills, but it was too wide for video as it requires you to be extremely close to the subject which is tough for moving ones. I am similarly thinking of going with a 16-35 lens for video though I am not happy that it requires a different dome from my fisheye. Interested to hear how you fare if you go with one.
  2. I have used a Cannon GX7II for years with a wide angle dome and have liked it. Recently made the jump to a FF mirrorless and its no comparison better. If you have the budget would go with mirrorless over compact--the clarity and ability to get different types of shots is much greater. I went with the Panasonic S1 FF and have been very happy with it
  3. I have used a Natuicam Wide angle dome on my GX7 housing and have loved the results. Really helps when trying to get larger pelagics in the frame.
  4. Hello, Name is Jason and I am just getting into UW photo in a big way. Just upgraded my kit from a Compact Cannon GX7 to a Panasonic S1. Wow, talk about an upgrade. Looking forward to learning more and getting some new gear.
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