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  1. Buyer pays shipping (Shipped from Hong Kong), if anyone want a premium diopter for around $200 less than retail, let's get in touch!
  2. AOI UCL-900 PRO underwater macro diopter +23.5 power (Similar to SMC-2 from nauticam, but easier to focus) Only used for two dives, not that suitable for me (Too high magnify power), no scratches on lens and the body. Brand new listed as USD $789, now sell it for $580 Please pm me if you need more photos or information
  3. pelican 1535 trekpak system is a good idea, however it weight around 14kg, I afraid get caught at the check in gate every time lol
  4. Hello all, I'm a diver from Hong Kong, as we usually purchase underwater camera system online without trying it. Hope to see more reviews & comparison of different UW shooting gears here, I'm currently using D500 for my photos! Cheers, YK
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