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  1. Hi!! I’m looking for this housing, the Nauticam NA-60D. I am located in Spain. Take care! Jesus
  2. Has anyone try the new Vaquita??? It seems promising....
  3. When I started diving, I have some pressurization problems and a couple of barotraumas. To prevent this, I also “train” my ear when grounded. The balloon treatment for the glue ear disease has been very helpful. In Amazon, you can find some balloon and the nose gear to inflate them. So far, so good. No more ear problems!
  4. Hi!!! My name is Jesus. I’m from Spain. I’ve been following this site for a while and really enjoy every article and advise I can find here. I used to have a Canon G9 for underwater photography but it broke. At the moment, looking for new camera (I already had a Eos 60d but no housing) and making UW videos with my GoPro! Nos vemos!
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