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  1. Hi Interestedin the housing and possibly the Nauticam N100 to N120 35.5mm Port Adaptor II too.
  2. Thank you !! I’ll try this way. in addition this will be a good opportunity to play with the 3D printer
  3. Thanks. I’ve seen the 8-15, but it’s not exactly the cheapest lens available... using the 10-17 would have been an affordable way to start with my A7 underwater... Any feedbacks about the 28mm+WWL1 combo ? it’s said to be good enough (some say sharp) and still affordable. To me, the main drawback is that this configuration is not versatile at all. If I want to move to a 15mm or the 8-15 one day I’ll have to change the ports again...
  4. Hi all, I've been shooting with a 7D + Tokina 10-17 for some years now, with great pleasure. I've upgraded to a Sony A7R3 recently and consider selling my underwater gear to make my new toy dive... Questions : 1. is it worth using the A7R3 with the Tokina (with a metabones adatper) ? 2. I consider buying a Nauticam housing ; what would be the best port/extension combination for this set up ? Thank you for your help !
  5. Hi all ! I'm Jerome, a French guy lost in California I've been scuba diving for years now and I try to bring my camera underwater as much as I can, as photography is my second passion, right after being in/on/under the water. I'm an eternal beginner and I'm sure I'll find interesting and relevant advices here !
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