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  1. Thank you for your reply, but unfortunately neither suggestions has really solved the issue. Following the contacting Sea & Sea, YS-01 can be customised with cameras that do not fire properly using the twin lightning bolt or TTL. 1. Set mode switch to off. 2. Turn light intensity dial to N position. 3. While holding down the target light, turn the mode switch to twin lightning bolt. 4. Release the target light. 5. The ready light flashes green and the system enters the customised mode. Pre-flash cancel mode setting 1. Turn the light intensity adjustment dial to the mode you want to set. For my camera its position 5, mode E (cancel time) 22msec 2. Press target light switch to determined mode 3. The ready light turns green for a few sec and the setting is complete. Will give it a try on my next dive and report back. Cheers.
  2. Hi Seem to be having an issue trying to get correct exposure with my RX100 M5a, Sea Sea YS01 with a Sea Sea fibre optic cable. Settings on RX100: Fill in flash, Pre AF light off, red eye reduction off Full manual (eg 1/250th F5.6 ISO 200) set with no pre-flash on strobe, results in more than a full stop of under exposure. Full manual (eg 1/250th F5.6 ISO 200) set with TTL on strobe, results in more than a full stop in over exposure. Anyone care to share what the issue maybe. Cheers
  3. Hi fellow divers Long time diver but recently getting into underwater photography. Hoping to get some tips along the way. Cheers
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