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  1. Hi All! New to the forum and want to get my feet wet with producing underwater video. Based on the research I have done so far (much of it on this site which is an excellent resource) I figured what I would lay out what I am thinking of purchasing and was hoping to get some feedback from the experts here. I am mainly interested in wide angle video and am looking to put together a versatile setup I can grow with. Budget-wise was hoping to get out for under $3k but could be convinced to go up to $4k. LX-10 Camera: Based on Backscatter reviews of it as best compact for video Ikelite Housing: Based on price point. I don't understand the wide pricing difference between this brand and Nauticam. Is there some major difference in functionality I am overlooking? 2x Scubalamp V6K: From everything i've read, light's are crucial and two are better than one. I found this brand on this forum. Seems like great value for a high lumen output but worried the burn time is too low or quality might be low. Maybe I should consider the V4K pro or another brand? Do I need a special wide-angle lens or can I capture scenes with the normal lens/housing setup? Also am especially confused about the huge range of lights out there. Was interested in some of the Chinese brands like Scubalamp or Archon because they seem to offer high power for a decent price. But let me know if I am making a mistake here. Overall what do you think? Any suggestions, additions, or swaps? Thanks in advance for all of you help! Looking forward to posting some videos here in the future
  2. Hello all! I used to dive a lot but took an extended break from the sport. Just getting back into it and want to add some videography into my repertoire. Hoping to learn a lot from this community!
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