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  1. Woah! That is a crazy setup. I guess I was imagining the lens with a dome built in. I didn't realize it was a dome on top of a Nikkor lens. What are the knobs on the top for? What an interesting setup. Did you like shooting with it?
  2. Yes please! I have not scratched the surface of third party lenses and accessories. Would love to hear more about this done port. I know there was a very well regarded 15mm wet lens for the nikonos for wide angle.
  3. Tinman, Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. You are a wonderful photographer, clearly. I am blown away by those great white photos! And on a Nik II — wow!! :-0 I so strongly agree with you point about composition. I have a small point and shoot with housing. And I snap away a ton just assuming as long as there is something good in front of me I will get it in one of those frames. But with film I knew I was only going to photograph the subject once, twice max. Just not enough on the roll for anything other than the at so forced to imagine to composition before pulling the shutter. I also found it forced me to shoot up or flat far more vs shooting down which can be a bad habit of mine. If electronic ISO compensates to 128k you can take the photo even if downward isn’t always the best comp. But with iso 800 fixed the light meter really wanted me to be shooting up into the sun. It’s not the same but I practiced a lot in land before taking it underwater btw. You don’t get the buoyancy down but it was to get a feel for the system and field of view in advance. Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your story! Maybe you can teach me to make underwater shark photos like that one day
  4. Hi All, I shot a Youtube video about buying a vintage Nikonos V film camera and shooting a few rolls on my latest dive trip to Cozumel. I really enjoyed it actually. The Nikonos is a great little camera and using film really makes you think before you pull the trigger. Would love any and all feedback -- on the video itself or the film photos, or just anything. Let me know what you think and if you have ever shot film underwater. Nikonos V Underwater Film Camera
  5. Ha! Nice idea Kraken. Though maybe better to work in reverse. Collect some of those fish from the ocean for home aquariums. It's their only hope for survival. A lot of people actually collect these fish, including professional aquariums. NYTimes wrote up a fun article on it: https://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/05/science/05fish.html
  6. I was surprised to learn that tropical fish get swept up into NY by the Gulf Stream every year. I filmed these spotfin butterflyfish off of Coney Island and made a short video about these little guys called Gulf Stream Orphans by scientists. Is this something that you had heard of before? BTW any and all feedback welcomed.
  7. Hi All! New to the forum and want to get my feet wet with producing underwater video. Based on the research I have done so far (much of it on this site which is an excellent resource) I figured what I would lay out what I am thinking of purchasing and was hoping to get some feedback from the experts here. I am mainly interested in wide angle video and am looking to put together a versatile setup I can grow with. Budget-wise was hoping to get out for under $3k but could be convinced to go up to $4k. LX-10 Camera: Based on Backscatter reviews of it as best compact for video Ikelite Housing: Based on price point. I don't understand the wide pricing difference between this brand and Nauticam. Is there some major difference in functionality I am overlooking? 2x Scubalamp V6K: From everything i've read, light's are crucial and two are better than one. I found this brand on this forum. Seems like great value for a high lumen output but worried the burn time is too low or quality might be low. Maybe I should consider the V4K pro or another brand? Do I need a special wide-angle lens or can I capture scenes with the normal lens/housing setup? Also am especially confused about the huge range of lights out there. Was interested in some of the Chinese brands like Scubalamp or Archon because they seem to offer high power for a decent price. But let me know if I am making a mistake here. Overall what do you think? Any suggestions, additions, or swaps? Thanks in advance for all of you help! Looking forward to posting some videos here in the future
  8. Hello all! I used to dive a lot but took an extended break from the sport. Just getting back into it and want to add some videography into my repertoire. Hoping to learn a lot from this community!
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