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  1. Olly I can help with a z240 Also inon medium and or mega float arms. All effectively new. Have other bits as upgrading my s100 kit let me know by leaving a message . it would only be a cash sale due to scammers and I am in sw england
  2. Thanks all. . A bit embarrassed as when I got my camera out it is actually a S100.
  3. Sorry my first post! Yes I have a canon s95. It was fixed several years ago by canon when the zoom stuck open. I am a little wary of the same thing happening. its been a few years so my diving needs some refreshing and do not want to take the full bulky equipment. As its old tech any new system would not be compatible with my wide angle lens was looking at the change. tg6 looks good albeit no manual. But for holiday diving looks best price and quality on market. thanks for your comments so far
  4. Tg6 v canon s95 is olympus an upgrade? Looking for a small compact for holiday
  5. Hi all , just coming back to underwater photos after a few years away. Onlybdive on holiday in small groups so need a compact system. My old canon s95 still works but I found the strobe and full system a lot of work in these group dives. I am considering selling and buying an Olymus tg6 . i am in the uk and will be diving in the Maldives in the summer. Mostly drift dives and visibility can be difficult this time of year so mainly photos of what's living in the reef walls oh and turtles. any help or advise will be good. may post a classified for my canon ,Inon system later depending on what I find out. cheers and looking forward to hearing from you james
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