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  1. Some pictures from last year at the Red sea. Always a wonderfull place for taking underwater pictures. Sin título by Iñaki Alkalde, en Flickr
  2. Hi, Do you want to sell the Zen DP-100 dome only? Can you give me price? Thank you,
  3. I will buy a sony rx-100 mark II in a plastic housing. You can attach a macro len and a second hand inon s-2000 flash. I think is a good way to start at underwater photography and you can get amazing pictures with this configuration.
  4. I have been using a compact camer for the past 5 years. I had quite good pictures but i thought it was time to change to a dslr system. Now i am learning again. The most of my dives are at de Cantabric sea in the north of spain. The water is quite cold and dirty but always is fun and is a great place for macro photography.
  5. Hi. My name is Iñaki and i spent 5 years using compact cameras for underwater photography. Nowdays i bought a slr camera and i am learning to use it again.
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