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  1. One thing is clear: prices are becoming unaffordable for an average hobbyist. A luxury within the reach of a few.
  2. I was one of them and I have friends who did the same.
  3. Prices from another galaxy!! Thank you for your work of collecting data. By the way, you forgot to include the new Olympus OM-1 in the prices list ;-)
  4. 15,5Kg???? OMG!! Every day I like more my OMD EM5-III camera setup. By the way....Nauticam for OMD EM5-III purchased in: - Nov 2021> €1.550 VAT Incl. - May 2022> €2.077 VAT Incl. Difference: €527 VAT Incl. If I'm not mistaken.... this is a 34% rise.
  5. It seems that the price increase was caused by the increase in raw materials and the cost of transport worldwide. But I agree that the price rise is very high. For non-professional amateurs of underwater photography, there are still brands with contained prices such as Isotta or AOI.
  6. I would like to ask you a question. When it comes to storing for a long time the underwater housing, which of these options is the best? 1- Leave the O-ring and closed housing. 2- Leave the O-ring and open housing. 3- Remove the O-ring and store it in a small plastic bag.
  7. I think we will soon see many configurations with AOI and EM1-III. With the launch of the OM1 there are many EM1-III on sale second-hand and with the price of the AOI housing it can be a great economic combination with great performance and contained weight for travel.
  8. Hi caolino, Is the alarm for humidity or for loss of internal pressure? It is not normal operation. I think the best thing is that you take pictures and talk to AOI, the underwater case is under warranty.
  9. I agree with comments of Interceptor121 and Phil Rudin, but I do not agree at all with the author of the article and with statements as simple as "it is more expensive" because mainly.... it's a lie. MFT users are a little tired of the treatment we receive in underwater photography by some media channels and users.I don't think the quality of a photograph has to do with the "pixels" of the sensor or the pixels of the EVF, terrestrial photography and underwater photography has to do with the creativity of the photographer.
  10. Correct! You are right. I don't mean only the OM1 model or the equipment update, but the use of MFT system in general. There are other MFT models valid for underwater photography such as E-PL10, E-M10 Mark IV, E-M5 Mark III, GH5 or GH6 with prices and weights contained. It is not normal to pay more than 10,000 - 12000 dollars for an underwater photography equipment to upload 4 photos to Instagram or Facebook. Are we crazy or what? You also wouldn't pay for an OM1. Also, let's not forget some things that a Sony A6400 doesn't do, such as maximum flash sync speed. Remember that it is 1/160 or that your body is not sealed like an EM5.3.
  11. Something that.... is completely false and I provide data: Sony A7C (Body Only) $1,799.99 + Nauticam Sony A7C Underwater Housing $3,508.00 = $5,307 Olympus OM-1 (Body Only) $2,199.99 + Nauticam Olympus OM-1 Underwater Housing $2,786.00 = $4,985 Macro Sony 90mm Macro F2.8 FE OSS Lens +$1,099.99 + Nauticam 100 MACRO PORT 110 +$610 = $1,709.99 Olympus M.Zuiko 60mm F2.8 Macro Lens +$499 + Nauticam N85 MACRO PORT 65 +$478 = $977 Wide Angle Sony 16-35mm F4 FE ZA OSS Lens +$1,349 + N100 Extension ring 30+50 (37401+37403) +$413+$433 + N100 180mm Optical glass wide angle port (37129) +$1,548.00 = $3,743 Olympus 8mm Fisheye Pro Lens F1.8 +$999.99 + Olympus 8mm FE Pro (4" Dome 36132 + Port Extension 36620), +$910.00 = $1,909 Total Price with similar configuration (Macro+ Wide Angle Lens and Ports): Sony Setup (Camera + Housing + Lens + Ports = $5,307 + $1,709.99 + $3,743 = $10,760 Olympus Setup (Camera + Housing + Lens + Ports) = $4,985 + $977 +$1,909 = $7,871 The price difference is $2,889, sorry... it is not more expensive, it is more cheaper.
  12. It seems that it does not go very well according to the latest Wetpixel article written by Charlie Gardiner, read the section "Our Thoughts", "OM System OM-1 for Underwater Photography and Videography" and "Conclusion">> https://www.uwphotographyguide.com/olympus-om-system-om-1-review I think it would be interesting to mention the price of the housings of an MFT system and an FF system, not just the price of the camera.
  13. Amazon's measurements are correct. These are the approximate measurements made by me: External: 49(H) x 33(W) x 20(D) cms Internal: 42(H) x 31(W) x 15(D) cms (height x width x depth)
  14. Thank you for your answers and your wisdom in underwater photography. It is a pleasure to read your comments. Especially ChrisRoss's comments, its summary is very good. I stick with this phrase: I think another important question is... Where are you going to post your photos: IG, FB, 500px, flickr? Do you want to print photos? And for me one of the most important is weight. Carrying all the equipment in a single backpack is priceless. Contents of my backpack for an MFT system: Olympus OMD EM5 Mark III + Nauticam Housing w/ cam Vacuum 2x Strobes (Inon S2000) + Batteries + Sync cables Diffusers Mini dome Macro port Arms & clamps Focus light Other accesories 14" Laptop The total weight is 7.8 kg with 14" Laptop and 6.4 Kg without 14" laptop. Camera and Lenses I carry separately in another small bag.
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