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  1. For A6XXX/Nauticam users, I have inquired and not really been answered but this lens is so all new. I think that the Sony E16mm prime (using the very short Nauticam dedicated threaded port for that 16mm lens) would be compatible with the WWL-C in much the same way the discontinued (but available) Sigma 19mm Art lens works with the WWL-1 and Macro Port 35. If so it would be a significantly shorter assembly on the housing and there is the built in float collar which is sort of nice compared to the WWL-1 floaty collar. It has one less element in the groups so it might not be as fully corrected. I suspect either the WWL-1 or the WWL-C are sharper than the lenses often used with them, zoom or prime, so neither would be a weak link. The port chart supports the Sony kit lens, Macro Port 35 and the WWL-C with possible vignetting at the 16mm setting and full zoom through.
  2. Ultralight Control for arms and tray, they make quality arms that will last for years: https://www.ulcs.com The S2000 strobes would balance well with your TG6 as they are extremely small, super reliable and high quality and produce a wide illumination that is nicely even using four AA cells. The GN is 20 so they are not the most powerful but could still be useful on a upscale camera system. The Z240/Z330 strobes are overkill and would dwarf the tiny TG6, especially a pair of them. The S2000s recycle quickly even after a full dump. I like the idea of buying strobes once and carrying them forward, the good news is that Inon strobes have a loyal following and the S2000 hold their value and are a desirable strobe. Big strobes now with a tiny camera or tiny (but still potent) strobes later with a larger camera (format) or trade up when that time comes. I vote (FWIW) S2000s now.
  3. The best way to cut foam floats is with a hot wire kit. The hobby type kits should be available around $30.
  4. I am not saying this is the best way or even a good way but I have used several variations of this over many years going back to film days. In the photo, my new rig (thanks to C19 it has seen no battle) you can see the blue Cetacean coil lanyard which stays clipped ALWAYS to my scooter ring (crotch ring). I only unclip here to hand the camera to a deck hand if I do not board with the camera myself. You also see the short orange lanyard with a bolt snap, this one is to clip and hang the camera rig off to my scooter ring for freeing my hands for minor, momentary tasks (not emergency). You see also on the left handle and right handle a screw link and the left one has a double ender bolt snap. Actually, I use two such double enders and these double ender bolt snaps stay clipped to my shoulder D-rings. They are used to tote the camera (beach diving) or to secure the rig to my chest in tight in the event I need my hands free to deal with an emergency or whatever. I can also clip the orange lanyard to my scooter ring for three point suspension of the camera rig (prevents the rig from hanging when in horizontal swimming position) or flopping around when walking to and from the dive site (beach dive). The white lanyard between the handles is used to lift or carry the camera rig. When in the water I may remove it and clip it off to my wing/BP (on a D-ring on my waist strap RH where some used to secure a can light). For beach diving or where I intend to not hand the camera off, I may dispense with the white lifting lanyard altogether. A variation I have used with smaller rigs is to use the white lanyard in place of the two double enders. In this way I thread the white lanyard through both chest strap D rings and then clip to the handles as shown or similar. Kind of resembles a sternum strap on a BC when deployed but for different purpose. J
  5. The intended purpose of the home fabricated masks being recommended by the CDC is not to prevent the wearer from inhaling virus particles but instead to knock down/trap droplets/material being exhaled by the wearer. My mask protects you, your mask protects me. They are trying to conserve the N95 masks and similar for medical use and first responders since they are still in short supply. You will get your peer reviewed, factually proven and supported, double blind, control groups studies about a year from now, about the time we get a vaccine. At some point in the interim, those of us who are not in one of the vulnerable groups, using the recommended precautions, are going to have to OO's up and get about our lives.
  6. One of my D-2000 strobes had that appearance after getting serviced. It is just grease as the Inon rep told you.Nothing to worry about.
  7. My UT trigger uses CR2230 batteries, not AA/AAA. This is consistent with the moisture/vacuum alert system in the Nauticam housing. They are inexpensive enough to just replace if there is any doubt.
  8. I have used Testors enamel. It is a model/hobby paint in small vials. Use a small brush to apply the enamel. Since the lettering is inset on some housings you can use a alcohol wipe to gently remove the excess.
  9. I try to go straight to the source. Why, because I do not need the news media to interpret for me. They nearly always do give the information, but then they preface it and follow it with their bias which blurs what is real and what is opinion. I can go to the source and get the info without the bias. It is becoming increasingly clear that this pandemic is going to be a long row to hoe. And worse than most hoped it would be. I am still hopeful, perhaps based only on wishful thinking for the best for people, that this will diminish with the onset of spring. But, whether it does or not, it looks like a useful vaccine is still many months away. Like many here, I am sure I will be losing some money on trips already paid for. My next up trip has not yet been canceled but I expect it to be. Just not going to be a good year at all. I had hoped it would be. My wife is a nurse/therapist, she was recently exposed to a possible case, results not back yet. Great .
  10. I can throw this Olympus 770SW Tough outfit in as well with the Canon S90/Recsea set perhaps instead of the UWL-04. Shipping it all might be a problem, lol. Fully functional and includes the Inon AD lens adapter which works with the AD macro and WA lenses from the S90 kit: Boxes for the S90 outfit:
  11. When I say weaponized I do not mean deliberate spread, I mean that an unfortunate circumstance is being used for political purpose. And that is not BS. It is very difficult for normal people to make reasonable decisions when so much of the news media is providing false or deliberately hyped information. I am going to go to the WHO and CDC, not NBC or MSNBC, for information.
  12. So then the Retra strobe Smart SL circuit works somewhat like the magnetic reed switch for the ACC on an Inon strobe? Magnet in to ignore preflash and magnet out to emulate preflash except now it is done by a calibration shot per the operating mode desired? Kind of confusing, as if the magnet switch were not ;).
  13. I will follow the advice of the degreed professionals. If they tell me to not go some place, I will give that educated advice careful consideration. I will not follow the hype of the news media and junk science they present as fact. I am very sorry for those places that have been hit so terribly hard with this novel virus. I will keep Italy in my thoughts and prayers and be thankful the reports from China are improving. That gives us all hope for an end to this. Hopefuly sooner than later, we can pray for it. In the US H1N1 killed over 12,000 people and infected upwards of 61 million people, that was hardly yesterday. It is hard to have perspective on a hammer when you are getting hit by the hammer, I appreciate that. Losing our family members and friends is hard to fathom until one has experienced it. I am 66 yo and my wife is 63 yo and a nurse and works in a hospital. Yes, I have my eye on it but I am not going to panic. Thankfully only one case in our state and the low population density of many areas in the US will make transmission inefficient, we can hope for. James
  14. The Spanish flu killed somewhere around 50 million people. Of course, today, with supportive treatments and antibiotics for immune suppressed secondary infections the death rate would be less in first world countries. But, the flu is a deadly virus and some varieties thereof are especially dangerous but yet none of my co-workers take their flu vaccines and most people I know do not and refuse to do so. All sorts of reasons they provide, most quite ridiculous. And yet this Corona virus outbreak is being hyped and weaponized in part for political service and harm to the economy and compared to Ebola. The only way we will not take our planned vacation trips is if the airlines ground themselves and I cannot drive. Yeah, be cautious, but I am not going to put my life on hold for the fake news media to hype doom and gloom. I think I too will break out a Corona Light tonight.
  15. Which converter, the APC-C for the 16mm f2.8 or the FF version? If you are meaning the APS-C E mount converter I think the Sony website show compatibility with the 20mm E mount lens. I have the 16mm and the converter, I bought it to use behind a dome but understand the corners are pretty soft at open apertures. But regardless, I also do surface photos and it is a fun outfit for that alone. Sony FF and APS-C cameras are selling like hotcakes on a cold day. Sony actually makes a profit on consumer imaging. And they recently eased their restrictions for other party lens makers access to their mounts and data. Maybe someday there will be a true fisheye lens option not needing a converter.
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