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  1. Lowering price to $1300 shipped (to USA).
  2. Actually some pretty good thinking on Mr. Poseidon's part!
  3. Hi Guys, I have a lightly used NA6400 Nauticam housing for a Sony a6400 I’m selling. I bought it right before Covid so it never got a lot of use. It only went on a total of four dive trips since I purchased it in October of 2019. (Stupid Covid)I always washed, wiped down very good after each trip so it’s in really good shape as you can see in the pictures. I only have the housing and bag for sale as I’m reusing my lens and ports. Just doing a side-grade to an a6600 as I’m looking to add ibis since I’m planning on trying to do more video.Im looking for $1525 shipped in the USA. These are going for $3219 new.
  4. I've never had any issues going to Cancun or Cozumel with my UW camera equipment....it's been a non issue there.
  5. Hi Guys, Long time lurker here, finally signed up during covid and never got around to posting. I've been pretty active over the years on SB but here recently I've been on WP reading a lot.
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