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  1. I'm looking to buy a housing for an Olympus EM1 mk1 or EM5 mk2, preferably with some ports. I already have the cameras but would be interested in cameras too as backups if the price were right. I have a pretty good selection of lens as well so don't need those but wouldn't pass up a good deal if you're trying to get rid of a complete setup. Please let me know what you have available.
  2. All good advise. I think I'll probably stick with my Olympus point and shoot before venturing into anything too complicated. Much obliged.
  3. Hi all. How much diving experience do you think is reasonable before trying ones hand at underwater photography? I've heard conflicting information from my group of dive buddies. Some think its fine right off the bat, others think you need to have a bunch of experience before giving it a try? I just thought I'd get a broader range of opinions from some people that have a lot of knowledge in underwater photography.
  4. Is this just happening at airports? I'm going to a cruise, leaving out of San Diego, and am told there will be diving opportunities at the ports in route and I would like to plan ahead as best I can.
  5. Long time shutter bug, short time diver. Just trying to learn what I can before plunking down some money on an underwater rig. My current system is Pentax and nobody makes housings so I'll probably have to try something new. I guess no time like the present to try out mirrorless.
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