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  1. You can check out my pictures here: https://www.instagram.com/christian.horras/ I dive mostly in the Red Sea (Egypt) and Asia (Philippines, Bali).
  2. I live there Lets say its south-west I have also Retra strobes, so it would be possible to test if they work with the D750 in ttl.
  3. Do you have a strobe for overwater use? If so, you can test optical ttl also with a "normal" strobe and try to figure out if the problem might be camera setting or the strobe. Maybe you can inspect the housing that the "window" for the optical cable is clean. I don't think that that will be the problem, but just to be sure. Also it could be possible you have to use other optical cables. I think I remember some statements that the new version of the D2 has a different sensor, so the optical cables that worked with the old version might not work with the new one. I have the old version of the Sea&Sea YS D2, so you could test again if the old version would still shoot in ttl-mode, just to make shure nothing else has changed (camera settings), but I live in the south of Germany. Also, it seems strange, but the Nikon D750 is not listed in the compatibility chart for the D2: http://www.seaandsea.jp/file_master/misc/files/YS%20Strobe%20Slave%20function%20compatibility%20chart%20%2020191028%281%29.pdf
  4. How did you do the reset to the factory settings? I would try to do the "Customize Mode" again to set the strobe to "Mode A", just to be sure that the strobe ist set to this mode. Where are you located in Germany?
  5. Thank you very much for the pictures! So the neoprene covers that now come with the new strobes are actually different! I'm not really sure that the bumpers will fit with the new ones.
  6. I also ordered the neoprene jackets, but not the bumpers (I confused them with the protective rings and ordered those instead of the bumpers). But now as the strobes and the neoprene jackets have arrived, I wonder if I should order the bumpers. The neoprene jackets are a very tight fit with my pair of strobes. It is not easy to get them "on" properly. Are the bumpers really helping the neoprene jackets? I can't even imagine that they will fit between the strobe and the neoprene jackets, as they are such a tight fit. Would like to hear more opinions on this or maybe someone has a picture of the bumpers and the neoprene jackets both attached on a strobe?
  7. I'm Chris and after a long time reading - and learning - on the forum, I decided to join ;-)
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