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  1. I'm suddenly, and sadly, and grumpily, very interested in this topic. I heard about it a week or so ago and we're going in 4 weeks.
    I'm gutted! Have e-mailed the liveaboard and asked for their suggestions to manage this. My concern is that if we get a big fee at the airport we will struggle to afford the tip for the liveaboard crew. Not so fair at all.
    Had we known in advance I don't think we would have booked to go to Socorro at all.
    Thanks everyone who has posted packing advice etc.

  2. Thanks for the add Wetpixel.

    Hi everyone, I'm Shan, I've been diving for about 25 years and I still think it's one of the best things anyone can possibly do with their time and I wish I could dive every day!
    Many years ago I got a Sea & Sea underwater camera with the fixed flash on top, but graduated a few years ago to a Canon 5D Miii and a Nauticam housing. I call her Big Bertha and I love her to absolute bits!
    I post pics to Insta (shannonearnshaw_uw) and I'm trying to get better at doing this more often - it just seems to take me so long and I can never decide what #'s to use.
    Anyway, looking forward to being part of this community :)

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