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  1. Hi Guys Just signed up and excited to be part of the community. I probably should of joined along time ago, as I know a few members from past dive trips. My name is Steve Benjamin and I live and dive in Cape Town, South Africa. Back in 2009 I started company called Animal Ocean which focuses on tourist day trips to snorkel with Cape Fur Seals in Hout Bay. We also run trips to interesting places occasionally and facilitate film shoots. I spent most of my time freediving and photographing with a Sony A7S II and Nauticam housing. I used to have a Subal with a Nikon D70, but that recently flooded. If I was to pick a “bucket list” marine encounter that I have NOT don’t , it’s photographing Sperm Whales. Nice to meet you all, and if anyone have questions about diving in Cape Town. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can find me on Instagram @animal_ocean or sealsnoreling.com cheers Steve
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