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  1. Thanks for the information, i feel better about getting it close on both lenses.
  2. Any Images of your rig Barmaglot, and I am trying to understand the 300g offset in both buoyancy and weight. Does this mean that the rig was just about neutral other than the dome being light in the front. I do realize that this an old post, I am prepping a Sea Frogs Salt Line A6XXX with a Sony A6500 with a 10-18 in the 6" dome and a 90mm 2.8 Macro in the flat port. I haven't seen any post about this lens and the buoyancy be completely opposite or no weight just buoyancy correction.
  3. Hello, I am Rob Fornell and have been into photography for going on 8 years. Mostly Sony above water and GoPro below. I just received a Sea Frogs Salt Line A6XXX I received the standard port the Macro Port, and the 6 Dome. I will be using a A6500 and already own the 90 MM Macro 2.8 GM and the 10-18 F4. I have several other lenses that are on the list but these are where I am starting. I found this site after looking for information on setting buoyancy before taking on a dive. I will need to be close being that we are leaving for a few dives in the beginning of March and will be in Cozumel. I was surprised at how much valuable information is on this site. I will most likely using renting Kraken 5000s+’s for our first trip being the lighting is a serious cost and I want to make sure I have what I need but not more. We dive twice a year beginning of the year a week and beginning of Sept 2 weeks. Any examples or pics of where and how you added weight or buoyancy for the Macro Port and the 6" Dome would be greatly appreciated.
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