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  1. Anyone selling a housing for the A7Riii / A7iii? All brands considered...
  2. Thanks both. I think there may be a new leak detector coming in September apparently... Am also very interested in moving the focal point, so will need to check with them if that is possible. The Wi version seems much smaller than the regular model so am hoping size is not too much of an issue... Overall I get a positive feeling about their customer service, and the housings seem solid... Would be nice to try one before buying, however, but looks like they have no distributors outside Italy
  3. Does anyone have any experience of the Easy Dive housings (specifically Leo 3 Wi)? Am looking for a new housing for my Sony A7iii and soon to be A7siii. The concept of a universal housing which I can use for both a dedicated stills and a dedicated video camera is appealing... Anyone have any real world experience of these housings? What has been your experience? Nick
  4. Still looking.... anyone out there looking to sell?
  5. Link to additional photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/581te7t0vuykcmq/AAB0ptEnMDseh4DCNbf5wrLFa?dl=0
  6. Selling the total package, including camera, lens and housing /ports. Everything you need to go take photos underwater. Underwater housing has had minimal use (<20 dives).Would make a great first full frame kit. Package includes: Nikon D700 full frame camera + 5 batteries and charger 17-35 2.8 Nikkor Lens Aquatica housing for D700 Aquatica port and extension rings for 17-35 lens Aquatica Zoom gear for 17-35mm lens Aquatica port and extension rings for Nikkor 105mm macro lens Neoprene hoods for ports Total cost new ~£8,000 Selling for £1,500 or best offer to a good home Please PM if interested Preview attachment IMG_20200316_084853_resized_20200316_081615529.jpg IMG_20200316_084853_resized_20200316_081615529.jpg 461 KB
  7. Anyone in the UK selling?
  8. Anyone selling an A7iii housing / ports? If so, please drop me a message. May be interested. Thanks
  9. Hi Roberto. Have PMd you. More pictures can be found on https://flic.kr/s/aHsmLvvfnK.
  10. More photos at: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmLvv42d
  11. Thanks. Also considering the z7, but feel like Sony is probably ahead of the curve. Also the Sony lenses can be used on bigger film bodies, while Nikon glass is not generally used, mostly because the focus ring is the opposite direction from all other lenses which gets confusing when manually focusing!
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