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  1. Hi, I am interested, is it ship international? I am locate at Malaysia
  2. I ´╗┐am selling my beloved dive buddy rx100iv with fantasea housing. Only use for 4 or 5 dive trip, it is super compact, great for travel around with it. And it also great for underwater photo and video. The camera and housing is in excellent condition and ready to shoot lots more images. Price for housing and camera is 750usd. PayPal and worldwide shipping (at buyer's expense) are both fine.
  3. I am using sony rx100iv for underwater quite a long time, but recently i purchase a new a6400 for my surface work used. Is compact worth upgrade to mirrorless? i think i ll go for the fantasea housing, there is some fantasea a6500 housing listed in this forum, i am very interested in the used housing but i not sure is my a6400 can fit in a6500 housing. I have a kit lens 16-50, but i not using it for the photo because i feel the image is soft, but for the video it actually quite good. how you guys think this lens perform? i have a tokina nikon mount too and if with the adapter i not very sure which port will fit, the port chart didn't have this combo... is there any a6xxx diver can share me your thought?
  4. Hi Everyone Been diving and start the underwater photography for a while, love it and having fun under the water Cheers
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