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  1. Thanks Chris! What do you think it's the best way of achieving that? Would 4600K diffussers on camera strobes and no diffusser (~5600K) on slave strobe help?
  2. Both of these photos were processed in Lightroom. Originally they had much more green cast, but I managed to eliminate most of it by playing with white balance (moving towards magenta) and especially by moving green and yellow hue sliders to -100 in HSL panel. I'll also try to do the suggested changes in Photoshop. Otherwise one very good example of what I have in mind is the Polish photographer Irena Stangierska. She has that really distinct blue color even in French caves. Here are the Ressel photos: I'd just love to get that color, it looks much nicer than green everywhere.
  3. You make a good point, haven't even though about it. I can easily test this next time by using 4600K diffussers for my Inons, which would be quite a good match to Seacam with its ~4500K temperature.
  4. Hi Recently I've took my photo rig in the cave for the first time. Results were quite satisfying but something that I noticed and it annoys me quite a bit, was that in all of my photos I got this greenish hue from the remote slave strobe. Looking at the photos of some more experienced cave photographers, I see that they manage to capture blue light instead of green. What's the trick to achieve that? It is the temperature of light that remote strobe makes, temperature and/or clarity of water, or simply a lot of postprocessing? Attaching 2 of my photos as an example. Shot with Sony RX100 III, Inon Z-330 strobes attached to the housing and a Seacam Seaflash (I think it was 160, but I'm not sure) as a remote strobe
  5. Hey! My name is Andrej, I come from a small European country Slovenia. I'm diving since 2014, started doing some pretty amateur UW photography back then with a borrowed GoPro. Not something to boast about Through the years I've upgraded my diving skills as well as my photo equipment. So currently I do mostly technical and cave diving. My photo rig consists of Sony RX100 III in Nauticam housing, Inon Z-330 strobes, AOI UWL-09 wet wide angle lens and Nauticam CMC-2 macro diopter. I've been reading this forum for quite some time and finally decided to join. I'm looking on expanding my UW photography knowledge and hopefully also contribute something useful from my limited experience
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