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  1. I am hoping to understand from your experience what level of jump in video quality I could be expecting going from a GoPro to a compact camera with a 1" sensor? While I expect there to be an improvement - I don't have a good sense for how much of an improvement there is. What can these 1" sensor compact cameras (be the Sony, Panasonic's or Canon) produce that is not possible with a latest series GoPro? ___ I am currently looking at potentially upgrading from a GoPro setup (tray + 2 x Weefine 3800 video lights) to a compact camera with 1" sensor set up (most likely a Canon G7X MkIII in Nauticam housing - but still undecided). Would also be getting a wide angle lens and a macro lens (all in it's looking to be ~US$3k set up cost). Also I typically edit 4k at the highest bit rate available in FCP. Thanks for any insights you can provide!
  2. Hi - I'm Matt. I've been diving for a few years and have been making a number of videos off a GoPro 6 with some dive lights and am currently thinking of upgrading my rig.
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