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  1. Hello, I am interested in Cinebag grouper, what is condition? Actually, 3 months ago, would have been interested in your entire kit. Needed to get new setup prior to trip in May of this year. Your equipment looks in fabulous condition. 2 trips to Bonaire, shore diving can be rough on equipment, i lived in Bonaire for 11 years.
  2. Hello, I have a very disappointing and frustrating issue, my new purchased and installed by distributor UWT flash trigger, in Nauticam R5 housing is constantly malfunctioning.  I have replaced the batteries with new, twice already, I have pushed down the tabs on the battery holder to possibly improve contact.  I am currently burning days on my trip without any strobe function, is extremely frustrating, in testing, positive results for 10-20 triggering, then couple hours later, turn camera on, triggering does not function. 3 days of diving and not one image with flash function.  Backscatter pro from Lembeh is additionally perplexed by the issue, has been very pro-active in helping / testing, 2 different sets of new batteries and same very inconsistent results.  Currently in N Sulawesi, for additional 12 days, obviously would like to resolve the issue to enable use my new equipment and capture images.  Any help to successful use would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Pavel Kolpakov

      Pavel Kolpakov

      Hello Muriel,

      We sincerely regret the failure. You have to replace the defective product via your dealer.

      You have to contact the dealer who sold the product and replace it.

      If necessary, dealer will contact the factory.


      Sincerely yours,

      Pavel Kolpakov

    2. Muriel


      Indeed, I realize that I must go through dealer.  I had contacted you directly in hopes I would be able to obtain something prior to departing on my trip.  Thankfully, after a few days without strobe function, I was able to get set up with Nauticam manual flash trigger to get going.  Just a side note, we did push the battery holder tabs down significantly in attempt to improve contact, no change resulted.

  3. Hello, again, thank you for your assistance. Pushed the tabs in then the flash trigger worked again, however only temporarily. Leads me to believe that the UWT trigger is not draining batteries, is simply goofing up My situation seems to be getting worse when trying to resolve so I am able to take photos. BackScatter at Lembeh has a Nauticam flash trigger I could purchase, except for the fact I need the reflector that was removed from my housing to install the UWTechnics is not with me. I have switched over to video, however, that is definitely not my intention on this trip, not set up for video... really is not my interest. As you probably well know, the trip cost plus new R5 & Nauticam Housing, some added accessories, not having a photo camera as the days go on has me extremely disappointed, at this point my 7D would have been better than purchase of new. Any suggestions at this point?
  4. I changed the batteries, did have success in everything working fine, packed and departed for Lembeh. To my disappointment, the same issues repeated. I put in another set of new batteries, the flash trigger appeared to function properly once again, however after just a few hours of being replaced again, the flash trigger is AGAIN not functioning. This is very frustrating to say the least, new camera, new housing with UWTechnics flash trigger, no functioning camera when now in Lembeh. Definitely a long way to travel with new equipment that will not function, no ttl, no manual, no flash after very short time after battery replacement. I will try to PM Pavel, thank you.
  5. Hello Chris, thank you very much for the effort you are putting in to assisting me. Fiber Optic LED appears to be working, however, the strobes function intermittently and the lighting bolt in viewfinder flickers. When I set to rear curtain sync and take exposures with 1/2 sec shutter, only one flash (at the end of the exposure) Board is producing a flash at the optical relay, strange... appears to be working. Can not get replacement, none in USA for a couple of weeks. Sent message to UWTechnics, maybe I can get one when over in Indonesia. Tried new set of cables, all cables perform same. However, in speaking with supplier, they suggested to change the batteries, I checked the voltage on the one's installed 2.94V, I thought they were good batteries at that voltage. It was suggested I purchase new, new rather than the ones they installed. I was able to do some more testing, seems it may have been a UWT board battery issue. I have not dedicated a lot of time to issue, however, will again, obviously this is a very important issue. Apparently there is a nauticam manual flash trigger available, seems I may have a plan B in the works for at least strobe triggering if need to switch. So... things look better this afternoon than they did this morning. Thank you! Muriel
  6. Hello Tim, additional information, yes, I have acquired some new equipment which includes UWT and it is dialed to #1 as I understand is proper setting for Z240's. I was attempting to use TTL, strobe set on s-ttl. The hot shoe was seated sufficiently, however, the flash indicator was not steady on indication of hot shoe connection, however, the connection of hot shoe was proper and securely in place. Not only did it appear ttl was not functioning on exposures, some exposures appeared strobe did not function at all. My R5 is new to me, previously Z240's were used with Canon 7D. I went though the settings on UWT instructions, however, now it seems I may need review of every single setting for camera & Strobes, something is not right. I depart for Lembeh in 1 week, I really do not want this struggle on my trip. I do appreciate your interest.
  7. Please, if anybody using this combination, could you help me sort out proper camera & strobe settings? Thank you in advance. Muriel
  8. Thank you Chris, appreciate your input!
  9. Hello again Isaac, having just switched to R5/Nauticam Housing, another switch will not be any time soon. I am grateful for what I have and will enjoy image capture with what I have.
  10. Hyp, I suppose you are correct it is not up to Nauticam, however, there are many people who do not use Sony or Nikon DSLR, I suspect Nauticam would prefer their lenses would be used by many others, as the EMWL is a substantial lens investment Nauticam would probably prefer to sell more than less. So, for now, as Canon R5 shooter, will just work on image capture with my existing kit and not invest in more. Appreciate your input into the subject, for certain group think provides for a lot of learning. Thank you.
  11. Isaac, thanks so much for your reply, appreciate your effort in a detailed reply. I am very glad to hear you have worked out the EMWL for your use. I guess I need to be patient for Nauticam to get something resolved or develop something or some additional lens configurations to be perfectly functional to work with all the new(er) cameras and specifically my R5. I have been a close up wide angle fan for long time, since Nikonos V camera with 15mm lens of which in it's day was a fabulous kit, also dates me diving back to mid 1980's. EMWL is very attractive to me, however, probably more so is critical focus, so purchase on hold. Nauticam is fabulous at housing design, obviously innovative lens design also. I'll just wait for more reports on WACP-1, WACP-C & EMWL. Meanwhile I'll stick with 100macro and modest wide angle till able to confirm investment will be worth while. Good luck neighbor!
  12. Isaac, you shoot sony a7R IV and with EMWL in AF-C mode. I will be shooting Canon R5, I wonder if could be set up to function, maybe in AF-Servo? Or if would need to be manual focus, which could be a challenge. Wish I could chat with someone that had first hand use of EMWL with Canon R5. Tying to research, maybe not using proper keywords, I have not been able to find what focus modes are based/use what f-stop. By the way, I am located in NW Arkansas. I have a friendly group traveling to Manado/Bangka/Lembeh, wish I could be certain the EMWL would be functional, would think North Sewelsi would be perfect location to use EMWL. I checked with Backscatter Lembeh, they do not have EMWL to try before buy... By the way, which EMWL(s) are you shooting? Appreciate any knowledge you are able to share, or anybody else that can chime in. Thanks
  13. Hello, thank you for your input. Indeed, I have been to Manado (Bunaken), Bangka & Lembeh, predominantly used 100mm. However, did enjoy wide angle on a couple of dives, a different focus on reef is fun. I have been considering EMWL, however, seems to be significant focus issues which is not good for significantly expensive lenses.
  14. Hello, I had been searching for someone using an R5 to comment on results, actually have R5 with EF100. After reading the thread, is is scary expensive for less than excellent or good results, not the usual for Nauticam, I have been eager to purchase EMWL, however, seems should put the breaks on.
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