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  1. Interested in the lens Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-42mm 3.5-5.6 MEGA OIS - 100$ Is it still for sale? Can I get additional pictures of the lens to show no scratches or damage on the glass units etc. Thanks!
  2. Yes. I got advice. I want to mainly focus on improving my physical skills filming and focus on filming landscapes/big creatures or normal sized creature closely. I don't want to cover macro early on and don't want to do photography early on either. Thoughts? (even thought it's too late and I think I'll be happy with that initially Lol)
  3. @Interceptor121 Hey :wave: I've finally purchased my "final" kit after some experience with the gopro setup I ended up going for: Panasonic GH5 Nauticam Housing Keldan 4X (2x) + 2x spare batteries Olympus 8mm Pro Fisheye f/1.8 Nauticam N85 140mm Glass Port + N85 mini extension ultralight arms + stix floaties + clamps Mechanical Vacuum The only thing I didn't get that I might upgrade to later is: a HD502 monitor (or an alternative) + housing a macro port + lens (if I end up wanting to do macro) potentially strobes for photography if I end up going that way after a lot more video experience Cheers, I really appreciate all the recs in here <3
  4. My thought exactly. I’ll see what was most annoying, lacking, great and figure out where to go from there. I am making many assumptions without experience. Plus I’ll appreciate better lights and camera after this experience haha
  5. Yes :( I was on a very tight schedule before leaving on the trip and, because of the corona virus situation, there were no keldan lights that were reasonable in size and price that fit my use case) I was looking for the Keldan 4x/8x or something similar. I'll probably upgrade to a nicer setup like: Keldan 8x GH5? BCCP? Z90? (not certain yet) with a proper nauticam or gates housing :smile: Thanks!
  6. Thanks all! I've bought my initial rig. I'll then upgrade after my upcoming trip (once I get a bit of experience filming) to a real setup. What I bought: - GoPro 8 Hero Black - 2x Sola Pro 3800 (the ones with 110 degree) - Go Pro tray and arms - Red Filter Am I going to be able to use the Sola video lights if I upgrade? I was on a very strict "timeline", the Keldan 4x or 8x were out of stock, that's what I was going for initially. Are the Keldan 4/8x that much above the Sola 3800 Pro? Any good references for videography with GoPro and Video lights? Tips/tricks? Cheers thanks for all the help earlier. I'll see how I manage with the GoPro and upgrade to a better setup and mount the GoPro on top cc/ @interceptor121 @bubffm@thetrickster
  7. @bubffm Another follow up, regarding camcorders and cine camera UW. Which brands make the best housings? I'm trying to find housings for a variety of camcorders, like Panasonic or Canon camcorders. I can't find most models? Also, what do you think of these for UW video cameras? (I'd be looking at the Nauticam or Gates housing) - BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k/6k - Sony Z90 - Canon C200 - Canon VIXIA GX10 - Z Cam E2 for travel/UW housing size and weight, image quality, AF tracking for typical UW subjects, low light conditions, UW white balance at depth, shooting with only natural light vs. video lights, etc? I'm trying to figure out what are the pros and cons. Price is the least important factor to me in this case; if there were a much better camera in a smaller size body/housing that would do better than all of the above, then I'd love to know about it! Cheers, thanks for helping out.
  8. That’s really useful info! I already shoot Leica M10p full frame topside, so I’m not necessarily looking to do photo underwater atm. I’d rather learn and excel at the video part and see what’s up later down the line. I hadn’t thought about it, but it’s true I’d much rather be able to relax between dives then to spend 30 min messing with configurations. Any advice on a AX700/Z90 setup? If I start from 0 gear, what should I be buying and learning about? I’d like the ideal setup to have minimal amount of equipment to carry/bring that doesn’t gimp me hard somehow What’s the difference between AX700 and Z90? Also, would these cameras be suited for topside Game Drive/Safari filming? Cheers! @bubffm
  9. I am looking to purchase my initial setup for UW videography. I have been unsure about either going for: - Panasonic GH5(s)? + Nauticam Housing - Gates AX700 with Sony AX700 video camera. Assuming I will NOT be doing photography, is the AX700 a much better camera and setup for UW video? If I do want to do photography, then I assume I must go with an Hybrid (like the Panasonic GH5)..? If this is the case, is the GH5s a better choice than the GH5 if I focus on video? (I see the GH5s loses the IBIS... how necessary is it for UW video/photo?) Size and Weight considerations are really important, since most of the use will be while traveling to locations. I saw the AX700 + Gates and the Nauticam + GH5 seem to be roughly the same volume, but different LxHxD values. If the quality of a more compact system would be close to as good and a much better video solution, please recommend away! Cheers and thanks for helping!! I'll edit this post with more details and questions over time
  10. Hi, My name is Greg. I'm a top side photographer and software engineer that is looking to begin his UW photo/video journey I'm from the East Coast of Canada. Looking to participate in the forum and receive amazing advice from you all. <3
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