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  1. Thanks for all the information. I will give it a try. Also thanks to Interceptor121 for the additional links. I'm also afraid that my camera became confused, and as a newbie in underwater strobe photographer it's maybe better to start with the TTL strobe to get some experience.
  2. Hello, I'm new here and just wrote an introduction on myself. I have some (50 years) experience with photography, but only 3 under water. At the moment with a TG5 and the PT-58 housing and a cheap 60led diving light. I made great pictures with this set. I want to make better ones with lower ISO rates. I bought a SEA&SEA YS03-Solis TTL strobe and have an older SEA&SEA YS-25-DX from a friend to try. Despite my long photography experience I'm a newbie with underwater strobes. I have these strobes a couple of weeks and haven't dive since then. My Question The new strobe have TTL , the second one not. Can I mixed these by using the second one as a slave of the first one? I also wander if these strobes comparable, The YS03 is the 2020model and the YS-25 is from 2003, The light temperature is the same
  3. Hello everybody. I short introduction of myself. I'm a photographer for almost 50 years and since I have my dive licenses 3 years ago also underwater. Above water i own a nice Nikon set which al also wanted to use underwater. Unfortunately the housing for my Nikon D7200 cost over double the price of the body itself :-( and become very big. I bought a Olympus TG-5 set including the PT-058 housing, much more affordable. I made great pictures her in the Netherlands and at my second home Egypt. With a strong videolight. This year I'm investing in strobes to bring my ISO low and make better pictures. On normal dive forums there is not much on photography, I was happy to find this site.
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