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  1. Are there mft or compact cs that have significantly better focus performance? I feel like i haven't had this issue on my g7xii.
  2. I have owned the G7XI, Own a G7XII and have used the G7XIII. I upgraded from a G11 as well. I shoot 99% stills which is one of the reasons I went Canon over Sony. I like the control placement on the Canon point and shoots and think the macro does a good job. If you're into video it is worth noting that the G7Xiii had serious issues with video AF at launch. 2 software patches later its better but from what I hear isn't up to par with other point and shoot (which is disappointing bc the iii was supposed to bring the G7X up to other brands offerings). Overall I have zero regrets buying the G7Xii.
  3. Thanks for the tips. I"ll look into a dome port. In the meantime I turned Release Priority to Off. It's what I'm used to and for me it the default I'm used to. I assumed incorrectly that the camera came with it OFF when in fact the default is ON. To me its more important to get the focus locked in before shooting than to have the false sense that the pictures are good because the shutter is releasing. If I want blurry pictures I'll use AF-L and move the camera around
  4. Hi All, new to the forum but familiar with underwater photography. I recently moved into a Olympus EM5 Mk II with a Olympus Housing PT-EP13 Housing. I've been using the standard flat port with the 9-18mm Olympus wide angle lens. I'm shooting natural light with no strobes. The issue I'm having is that i have issues focusing on my subject. I did a model shoot where several photos were just completely blurry. I chalked it up to backscatter because i was shooting towards the sun even though there really wasn't anything in focus that I could tell (picture posted). I just got back from a trip where I had the chance to photograph whales and I had the same issue. Focus point was on the subject, picture was taken but nothing was in focus. This time I had ideal lighting and was shooting away from the sun and the whales had enough contrast to pick up on the camera. I'm confused and slightly annoyed because that has never happened with my canon point and shoots underwater, the olympus focuses perfectly fine above water, and I can't figure out a way to make sure the camera focuses on my subject. I've tried different settings from P to M mode, AF-S, AF-C, Continuous Tracking. I'm at a loss and wanted to see if anybody has any tips for getting crisp shots every time. On my Nikon D850, pictures can't be taken unless the subject is focused or i hold the AF-L button down. Anybody else having this issue?
  5. Hi All, Joined the community to check out the classified as well as discuss issues I'm having with my current setup. I shoot with Nikon above ground and have used canon point and shoots for the past 10 years underwater. Recently I moved into an Olympus EM5 MK II which has been both good and bad.
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