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  1. Hi folks , Anyone looking to flog a Nauticam N120 140mm Optical Glass Fisheye Port with Removable Shade - 18811. Many thanks, Claire
  2. I think the Tokina is really for use with a cropped sensor as Chris Ross has pointed out . So , I'm thinking either a Canon 8-15 fisheye with the Zen Underwater 4" glass port or the Nauticam 4.33" acrylic port . Can anyone recommend either ? Ta !
  3. Hi folks , Just looking to pick your brains on options for wide angle close focus lenses/ports . I have a Nauticam housing for a canon FF mirrorless (N120 port opening) . I think my lens options are either a Canon 8-15 fisheye or Tokina 10-17 fisheye . Any recommendation for either & if so what are the best port options (Nauticam or other makes) Any advise much appreciated ! Claire
  4. Hi , just sent you a message . Is this still for sale ? many thanks . claire
  5. Hi all , Can anyone recommend the best strobe (single strobe) to use for Macro photography in lowish viz (UK waters ) . I'm pretty new to underwater photography & want to just concentrate on macro to begin with . Lots of brands out there so don't want to blow money on something not quite fit for purpose . Thanks all ! Claire
  6. Brilliant thanks, Its a manual only trigger so i'll have to be a bit more careful in future !
  7. Looking for a bit of advise because , Yes, of course i've lost the magnet & screw which goes with my Inon S-2000 . I have a canon r6 which doesn't have a built in flash . I have a flash trigger & set the Inon strobe to manual - Do i still need the magnet ? Thanks in advance ! Claire
  8. Thanks all for your recommendations , this is a great help .
  9. Hi all , Does any one have any recommendations for a focus light for macro ? I've noticed some have a red light as well as white . Is a red light more beneficial so as not to scare marine life ? Thanks for any advice you can give . Claire
  10. Thanks all for your knowledgeable comments !. Lots to think about so I'm glad I didn't steam in & buy straight away . Will keep you updated. Claire
  11. Hi , I'm quite new to underwater photography (preference being Macro) . I already have a Canon R6 which i love . I'm thinking of buying the Nauticam NA-R6 Housing. along with : Nauticam Vacuum leak Check Valve Nauticam flash trigger (26301) Nauticam Macro Port 94 N120 I already have one Inon S2000 strobe . Does anyone know if i'll need anything else for a basic macro setup (apart from another strobe ) Do all universal trays fit nauticam housings ? Does anyone know the rough weight of this kind of set up so i can gauge flight baggage allowance . Many thanks, Claire
  12. Hi , Does anyone have any experience using a nauticam housing with a Canon r6 ? Specifically interested in Macro so would be using the 100mm ef lens . Thanks all. Claire
  13. Hi , Good to meet you all . My name is Claire , UK based . I've been diving for quite a long time but have started getting into photography in & out of the water for the last 2 years . Lots of questions BUT i will check historic post's before asking that "repetitive newbie question " :-) . Thanks, Claire
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