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  1. Has anyone had a chance to test out the new(ish) Sony 11mm G lens? I know they intended it for the vloggers out there, but the specs make it look like a pretty appealing ultra wide (weitwinkel)-angle lens. I might pick up one up from lens-rentals to test out soon if no one else has had a chance to try it. ETA: Alternatively, there’s the Samyang 12mm f/2 AF which reviews pretty well (according to sonyalpha.blog), for a cool $200 less than the Sony 11mm. Now I’m wondering if that one would be just as good. Decisions, decisions
  2. Copy/paste of my post on a similar thread over on ScubaBoard: I'll add my $0.02 here and throw in the Tamron 35mm F/2.8 M1:2 for consideration. It's a really sharp lens, with pretty fast AF on my a6400. I'm using a Salted Line a6xxx housing and the Flat Short Port meant for the 16mm f/1.4 Sigma. There's some space (I think I measured about 13mm extra space between the lens front and port glass), but at 35mm you don't see any vignetting. While it's only half-macro, that's a pretty good choice for those getting into macro for the first time. The really nice thing is that 35mm is a nice length for fish portraits, and you end up with a pretty versatile setup. The photos below are all from the same day of diving, with no changes in setup. For the most part they are full crops of the frames, ordered from smallest to largest subjects to give you an idea of the range of the lens is capable of. I could add a wet diopter too if I wanted to boost my repro ratio. I think I'd need a +10 to hit 1:1, not accounting for flat port magnification.
  3. I took these a couple weeks ago while diving off of Clearwater, FL. We dove the Indian Shores artificial reefs (The Barge Wreck and Bridge Material sites). These are all in about 40 FSW, with decent (for the Gulf) viz of about 20-30 ft. I'm using a Sony a6400 and Tamron 35mm f/2.8 M1:2, in a Salted Line housing w/ flat port, and dual Iron D200 strobes. This was my first dive with the Tamron, and I am quite happy with how the photos turned out. I'm headed to BHB next month for a few days, and hope to keep improving on the macro work. Mortimer Dwight Sheila Samuel Thing 1 & Thing 2
  4. A couple months ago I drove to the east coast of Florida for a night dive at the Blue Heron Bridge. This was my first outing at BHB, and I was very happy with how the trip turned out. Even though I had my strobes mis-pointed for a good number of shots, which resulted in a distinct red cast on the photos from my focus light, the trip resulted in some very good (to me anyway) shots, and I've even printed the first photo below on a 36x24 canvas to hang in my living room. Here's a link to the gallery on SmugMug, for those interested in seeing the other shots I got. I'd love to get any feedback or critiques on these or the ones in the gallery. Thanks for looking! Brownstripe Octopus with Cushion Sea Star A Pair of Bareyed Hermit Crabs with Hitchhiker Anemones Solitary Yellowline Arrow Crab
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Craine, and l I'm in the Clearwater, FL area. I've been working on my photography above and below the water for the last 10 years or so. I shoot a Sony a6400 in a Seafrogs housing with Inon strobes, and I'm finally getting results I'm proud of.
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