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  1. Hello folks, please I am getting lost again here...can anyone with experience help me how to choose? I want to choose lights for the following: - shooting in tropical waters with mostly good to excellent visibilities (maldives/bahamas/red sea) - shooting of big stuff, mostly sharks, big schools of sharks, close up of sharks (for example great hammehead in biminii) - I do not intend of shooting macro what are the criteria i should most focus and give priority according to my needs? Lumen? beam angle? CRI? by looking around and with my very amateur knowledge i was kind of choosing between the below, which of these would be a good choice? or do you have a better suggestion? Venom 60 https://www.uwphotographyguide.com/venom-60-review $599 $449 Backscatter Macro Wide 4300 Underwater Video Light MW-4300 https://www.backscatter.com/Backscatter-Macro-Wide-Underwater-Video-Light-MW-4300?_ga=2.241744779.849455061.1644703527-928136682.1644225472 $499 Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 3800 Underwater Video Light https://www.backscatter.com/Light-Motion-Sola-Video-Pro-3800-Underwater-Video-Light $499 POWERPRO 25W 2 Potenze 3500 Lumen CRI 90 https://www.diving-torches.com/powerpro-25watt-3200-lumen-cri-95-video-light.html?___store=english&___from_store=default $499 FIX NEO PREMIUM 4030 DX II VIDEO LIGHT https://reefphoto.com/products/fix-neo-premium-4030-dx-ii $599
  2. Chris, thanks for the feedback... I want to add these 2 lenses: Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye and one of these 2: Canon 16-35 f4 Canon 16-35 f2.8 (Mark 2 or Mark 3) Please what size the dome should be used for these? I been suggested an 8 inches should do the work, can you confirm? If yes, based on the size of the dome which housing and set up would you suggest please? I contacted Isotta because I quite like their products, they told me a housing is coming soon for EOS R, but they confirmed they have no 8 inch housing and nothing is compatible from other beands, so with isotta the only choice above 8 inche is their glass 9 inches which costs too much and would cross my budget limit... so, if I would like an 8 inch dome under 1000 usd, what set up do you suggest? Should I stick with Ikelite? Or a Nauticam setup is better? or something else?? I am going crazy on what to choose....
  3. Dear photographers, please I am thinking about getting an Isotta housing, I was wondering if I can put any dome port on it or if I have to use only the ones from the brand of the housing... (incredibly expensive )what If i would like to put an Ikelit dome port? do i need to check some specific measures to fit or something else?? Isotaa's only wide angle port bigger than 8inch is this one... https://www.isotecnic.it/en/wide-angle-dome-port-b120/ports-for-b102/dome-port-9-crystal-b120-detail I was wondering if i can put this one... or maybe some other brand??? https://www.ikelite.com/products/dl-8-inch-dome-port thanks!
  4. Hello, please what would you suggest to trigger INON Z330 with Canon EOS R in an Ikelite housing? What options do I have? any idea please?? thanks in advance!
  5. Dear divers with experience with Sony, I kindly ask for precious advice! Please see the screenshot below, I basically wrote down the whole rig, as you can see in red are highlighted the only parts that I still need to find out . Can you please: 1. Evaluate if the lens selection and set up is good or if you would choose something else? I found a guy selling a SEL1018 len for 400 eur, seems like a good deal for this lens, right? I will still use the camera for shooting mostly wide angle big pelagics and half in and out of water 2. Check if I missed something in the rig? 3. Please check the ones left in red color, for these I do not know what needs to be bought? (Basically strobes trigger options & arms/clamps) 4. for the arms, will this setup need some float arms for buoyancy? 5. I have already an Ikelite Tray, will this work? Product # 9523.64 (Tray with Dual Quick Release Handles for Compact and Mirrorless Housings) 6. Regarding the strobe trigger system, the doubt is this one: I see there are 3 ways to trigger the strobes (YS-D3): Electronic synch cord (via m16 bulkhead) Fiber optics via built-in flash using fiber optic cables Fantasea FA-1 LED Strobe Trigger, but if I read correctly only manual mode work Fantasea FA-1 LED Strobe Trigger Which is the best in this case? Considering the high performance YS-D3? Via electronic synch cord do I get both TTL and manual? Via optical fibre cords? Will the fast recycle time of D3 be limited by the internal flash? Do I get both manual and TTL? Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks Chris! I guess you are the same Chris who answered on my topic on scubaboard forum as well please one last question for you, can you kindly check this Kraken Sports KRL-01? How do you rate it compared with the UWL-09 ? Karken lens look like is a 145 vs 130 and starts at 24mm instead of 28mm like UWL-09, do you see something else that i miss? price are almost the same as UWL-09, is the 65 $ worth the Kraken?Kraken Sports KRL-01 Wet Wide Angle Lens ReviewKraken Sports KRL-01 Wet Wide Angle Lens, 67mm765 $Fantasea AOI UWL-09F Wide Angle Lens700$ Thanks!!!
  7. Hello divers! I am trying to read as much as possible about underwater photography but my head is flooded with too many information and more I read, more I am scared I will spend much money and buy the wrong stuff! I have currently the Ikelite housing # 6116.15 ( in the link below ) and I have a SONY RX100 camera. I know that point & shoot cameras are not the "best" for maximum pro like results but I since I have what I have, I need to work with it. I want to squeeze the best I can with what this camera and then maybe in 1 or 2 years I will upgrade my camera and buy a DSLR/mirrorless My housing: https://www.ikelite.com/products/underwater-housing-for-sony-cyber-shot-rx100-mark-iii-mark-iv-mark-v?_pos=2&_sid=814655a78&_ss=r Correct me if I am not wrong, If I want to shoot mostly sharks, pelagics, reefscapes and wide angle I need to add some wide angle fisheye on the housing and I need to use the shortest focal length possible and zoom as less as possible, right? I hope I am not writing something totally stupid Apart from this I need to strobes, but that's another topic. So with this housing what would you do to get the best out of it?? I was checking Ikelite site and what do you think about the Ikelite DC2 6 Inch Dome? could this be be the solution? The description says “The Ikelite DC2 6 Inch Dome has been designed to be used with the various Ikelite housings for the Sony RX100 series and Canon G7X. Underwater, the dome corrects for refraction to provide the full wide field of view. That's substantially wider than a flat port, which magnifies the image 1.33x and reduces the field of view. Approximately 3/4 of the camera's zoom range is usable with the dome installed. .” Link: https://www.ikelite.com/products/dc2-6-inch-dome-for-compact-housings?_pos=2&_sid=baef98a72&_ss=r Or do you think is better to apply a wet lens on the dome ? If yes which one do you suggest would do the job? Ikelite also has a WD-3 Wide Angle Dome. It says that it has a Magnification 0.75x, can anyone please explain how this info is used? it means that if i have my camera at 24mm it actually works as 18mm with the wet lens? It is weird that for the DC2 6 Inch Dome that I mentioned above there is no magnification reported on the Ikelite site. I hope someone will be so kind to help and suggest me what to grab, thank you with your advise, really appreciate it!
  8. Hello! I am Ivan, got a Sony rx100 VII and I hope I get good tips over here on how to set up my stuff. More I read more I am lost :)
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