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  1. I’m a noob myself but here’s the setup I’m building for mostly stills but also decent video. - Sony RX100 VII - Nauticam Rx1007 housing with pressure port and handles kit and trigger - 1x Inon Z330 - 2x 8” Ultralight Arms and clamps - 4 Jumbo Floats - New Nauticam WWL-C Compact Wide Angle Wet Lens - Short port for the WWL-C - Nauticam SMC-1 with hinges holder from Nauticam (seen in photo) I chose this setup mostly because I’m already committed to the Sony system and know the menus and capabilities like the back of my hand. I wanted to go all-in with the A7R3 but thought this compact setup would be better to learn UW on. The VII has blackout-free rapid fire which I hope serves well as a second body when shooting land wildlife. I was hoping that the underwater setup would be pretty flexible with wet lenses but there are some limitations when committing to certain ports. The SMC-1 works between about 80mm-200mm on the MkVII but of course at 200mm you’re getting REALLY big magnification. On the short port that works with the WWL-C, it does limits the zoom pre-80mm so I will probably sell the SMC-1 for a different, less strong diopter. It works perfectly on the standard port, which lets you zoom the whole range of 24-200mm. For me that’s not wide enough for my preference though. Hence the short port and WWL-C, which I can add photos of upon request. Shown with Standard port: Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hello! We wanted to do some diving with larger pelagics so just recently got certified. We’ve been all Sony for a few years now above water and plan on continuing to build an UW system with our Sony gear as well. Looking forward to being a part of the community and I hope to be able to contribute eventually as well!
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