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  1. Great photos ! Really sharp ! Was the diving in Adelaide or a bit further out ?
  2. Double H - At times when I dive in a group with the local dive club, I either: * swim ahead of the pack and take photos of them as they swim past me * stay to the side of the pack and photograph divers as they stop to look at coral/fish * ask my buddy before we descend if he’d like a few photos...then underwater I signal to him/her when I’m taking a photo and which direction I’d like them to be placed (more to the left, lower, etc) * when there’s marine life, I try anticipate the direction it’s heading, pick a less crowded spot along the path, get my camera settings dialed in, then fire away when it swims past. If you approach it directly, there’s a chance you’ll scare it away
  3. I’ve been using the RX100VA for about 6 months now and am really happy with the unit. I got it as a upgrade to my Olympus tg4. I chose the VA as I wanted to focus on wide angle photography which I think the lens on the V/VA is better suited for. The lens on the VI is apparently better for macro. The focusing I find is really fast and was able to to continuously focus and track fast moving seals even on a cloudy day.
  4. Hi all, I’m new to Wetpixel. Stumbled onto this forum by chance. I’ve been into uw photography for a bit over a year now. Never intended to get into it, but diving in the waters of Sydney can be a bit boring sometimes, so I started practicing with my Olympus tough camera i had at the time to help make the dives more interesting. And now I’m hooked
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