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  1. Has anyone ever tried the macro extension rings on the Nikonos 15mm or 20mm lenses for wide angle macro? Can it even work theoretically?
  2. Thanks for the tips @Interceptor121! @bill1946 I tried the fisheye converter on land and the results weren't satisfying, so I guessed that the WWL-1 would have been sharper.
  3. Hi everyone, I just switched from this setup: Sony A6300 + Ikelite housing + Sony SEL 16-70mm F4 + dome 8' To this one: Sony A7III + Nauticam housing + FE 28mm + WWL-1 While everything is fine when using the 28mm alone, I am struggling to have descent images with the WWL-1. I made few dives with it, and all images are either out of focus or extremely soft. Problem 1 - Auto-focus: I cannot auto-focus properly. I tried different areas (wide & centre) with Continuous AF + back-button, from F2 to F8, various subjects (fishes, coral only, divers), and never manages to get proper focus. With my previous setup, I had no issue using Continuous AF on any area at F4. Problem 2 - Sharpness: Opposite to all the samples I've seen with the combo 28mm + WWL-1, my images. are extremely soft. I was expecting some corner softness at F2, but not to this magnitude. For example, if I manage to have an "acceptable" focus with my subject in the centre, at F2, my image is sharp for only 15-20% in the centre, the rest completely blur. At F8 it is better, but still very soft, and not just on the corners but on a significant vignetting-alike area. It's my first time using a wet lens, so I am most probably doing something wrong with my settings (AF & aperture) that might be different than when using a dome, but I cannot really find information about that. For the Sony & WWL-1 users, do you have the same issues? What AF setting do you use? Do you always shoot at F8+? Do you get descent image quality at F2? Problem 3 - Dirt & oil appearing between the port & the WWL-1: I have to remove the WWL-1 several times (I have the quick release adapter) during a dive to remove particles, air bubbles & oil that get stuck in between. Do you have the same issue? My guess is that it is most probably due to the fact that I freedive and have to surface more often than scuba divers (fortunately), but wasn't expected to need to "clean" this space that often. Any tips on that?
  4. Hi everyone, I’m Morgan, freediver, doing UW for few years now. I use to shot with a Sony A6300 in an Ikelite housing, but have upgraded few month ago fo the Sony A7III in a Nauticam housing, that I combine with the 28mm + WWL-1 or with the Nikonos 15mm. I also love to shot with an old Nikonos V.
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