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  1. Hi Jake. Are the video lights still available? If so, can you estimate the number of charges on the units? Trying to judge longevity of the batteries. PM me if you like. Thanks
  2. I've been diving since the late 80's, however I'm new to U/W photography & video. I just ordered and received (but it's still dry): LUMIX LX10 Ikelite Housing and tray DS51 strobes Looking for a video light recommendation, something I can relatively easily swap out with one of my strobes? Thank you Not trying to highjack your post Sabster
  3. Agreed Henrik !! I feel as I have more mobility/flexibility with my backplate/wing BCD over the traditional vest style, which I have occasionally rented on vacation.
  4. Hello. I just joined, guess I'm a late bloomer. Just reading a few threads has really peaked my interest as an old diver but new to underwater photography. Looking forward to the wealth of knowledge sharing here. Don
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