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  1. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has used Inon telescopic arms with DSLR system and if they are any good? Many thanks!
  2. Hi I am looking for Nauticam 45' viewfinder for Nikon D500. Thanks Andi
  3. I bought zoom gear. Thanks for your offers.
  4. Nikon 75-240 sold Nikon 55-30 still available
  5. Yes Adam, sorry I didn't mean to make it look like it's all scam. I sold many items here and had no problems at all! It's a great place to get advice and exchange gear.
  6. Last few days I have been bombarded by fraud attempt so flagging them up. From above list for sure Suzan.ralph30@gmail.com´╗┐ and tunnelfox9@gmail.com coming from so called member "jackson.distin35". Today I received direct email from Adam Smith adam897969@gmail.com asking if I was still interested to buy zoom gear. When I asked to send me photos I got pics of ports. Be careful out there!
  7. Do you still have zoom gear for sale? I need one for Nikon D500 in Nauticam housing.
  8. Do you have zoom gear for sale?
  9. Do you still have zoom gear for Tokina 10-17?
  10. Thanks a lot for this info, this was exactly what I was afraid I might be frustrated with. That's why I also decided for next few years to stick with D500.I might be worth thinking about backup body just in case
  11. Thanks Tim! I'm really looking forward to it and I appreciate everyones input. This forum is an invaluable source of good information, experiences and personal stories. I'm very happy to be a member.
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