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  1. The camera itself fits. However the shutter release cable is on the other side with the MK3
  2. I bought the housing New from the SPL site before getting the 1DX mkII, When I finally went in to order they said they weren't shipping the mkII and that if I waited they could sell me the 1DXmkIII for the same price! of course I opted for that but now I have a housing that doesn't fit the new camera body. Housing is brand new. Never been in the water. never left the house. -NOT a dive housing and shouldn't be treated as such- FEATURES and CONTROLS: Weight: 3.75 lbs with lens port + trigger Rated for 25-30ft MAX-Aperture -shutter speed -Manual shutter release -Back focus Interchangeable ports INCLUDED:-Camera housing -Extra screw nuts -8-15mm lens port -extra nuts for trigger-detachable side grip -detachable pistol grip -neoprene port cover -O-Ring Lubricant -Alan key for port screws Selling for $2000contact me for any further questions. Davidgrant186@gmail.com thanks
  3. thanks for putting the photos up! definitely a good case of watermark staining for sure, I've had a few friends say that your run-of-the-mill toothpaste is a good place to start! I've tried it before (although on not so bad of a stained port) and seemed to work fine. seems the toothpaste grinds away at it until they disappear without leaving scratches. But always worth a try! good luck!
  4. As a new member I wanted to share some photos from my ocean adventures, Hope you like. always up for any critique or insight to any details that I may have missed! In this photo: A friend Chris pulling way back into the belly of this beautiful wave. Shot with Canon 70D + 10-22mm lens (at 10mm). within a SPL water housing near SF
  5. As a new member here, I wanted to share a few of my photos from past water sessions, hope they catch your eye! 

    I always appreciate critiquing and insight to details I may have missed or could improve upon


    Here is a photo I took of my Buddy Wyatt in the greenest room in town! Shot with a Canon 70D with a 10-22mm lens at F4.5


  6. Hey guys! My name is David, and I'm an aspiring big-wave surf photographer! I'm 22 years old and have been swimming in waters From OB (sf) to Santa Cruz for around 6 years. Started from land then graduated to water gear which has changed my whole perspective on photography. I am also an avid surfer here in Nor Cal which helps with the positioning and timing of surf photography. stoked to start posting a bunch! Thanks for reading, DG
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