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  1. Hello Adam, I sent you a message about this lense. Thanks and regards! David.
  2. Hello, Looking for a 7" dome port for Nauticam N85 (36129). Olympus 12-40 and zoom gear would be welcome too, if you want to sell it we can talk. (Europe preferred). Thanks!
  3. Hello, Wanted to buy a Nauticam CMC-1 wet lens in Europe. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I would like to know if anyone have experience on this lenses ... Nauticam announces that SMC1 is the best macro improved wet lense for optics like Olympus 60mm (which I have) and I would like to know user experiences or even sample photos if possible. I've been using Oly 60mm macro with my old macro lenses from my compact camera (+5 and +15 SAGA) and it works well with +5 but with +15 does not do a lot of magnification compared to +5 and makes it really hard to use it and light it. SMC1 seems having a similar +15 magnification but Nauticam speaks about an acceptable wide working distance ... someone here have this lens or have tried it? Thanks!
  5. Hi, Just did a similar movement last year, I came from an Sony RX100III with wet lenses and moved to Oly OMD EM1 mkII and I'm very happy with it. At the moment my lenses are Oly 8mm FE and 60mm Macro plus macro wet lenses for super-macro. It is certainly true that you loss versatility and have to focus in just the kind of photo you are able to do but for me it is OK ... I would like to have something in between but not sure about yet. In your case having the WWL1 and CMC1 I would do the 14-42 route but on the other hand 8mm and 60mm are absolutely killer lenses!!!
  6. Hello to all! It's David from Spain, located in Barcelona. I usually dive in Costa Brava in the Mediterranean sea but also I've been to other places in Spain like Canay Islands or overseas like Red Sea, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines ... I've been doing underwater photography since 2015 and moved from compact camera like sony rx100 to omd em1mkII at the moment, there are few examples in my IG - @DSR_Diving Glad to be here and share posts with you! Cheers!
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