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  1. Many thanks, B & W does look good. Making it higher contrast not so much, probably due to my lack of skills in altering images in Lightroom.
  2. While not able to get out much at present I have been able to play in the pool. Thing is I am trying to figure out how best to light images in the pool. This is ambient light, but thinking a strobe would help? Would it?
  3. Dear All Many thanks for the good advice and lovely photos. Having carted my 230mm dome port around for awhile, I really wanted something nice and small, as luggage space and weight is always such an issue. Still I am not sure I would want to shave down the lens hood, and I guess at some point it might be worth trying to invest in a 'better' lens, the circular effect does appeal.
  4. Looking at getting a small dome port to shave off some pounds and make things a little easier. I am currently toying with the idea of either the lesser known (to me) Saga 4" Dome port or the Zen SP-100. Any comments, suggestions? Nauticam N120 for D810 and a Sigma 15mm Fisheye.
  5. So true, but then that is the cost of tourism. The trick is (i guess) trying to mitigate againest this by being a responsible diver.
  6. Many thanks for the comments. Will have a stab at this brightness and see if things can be done directly with the monitor rather than forking out on a Spyder at this stage.
  7. For those smokers out there. It's not the cigarette butts which are the only form of litter that would benefit from not being discarded into the sea, but also your packets! This image was taken on a reef several kilometres from the shore and only accesible by boat. Whether you, your guides or the crew, it is the responisbility of all of us to try to prevent this.
  8. I know some of the earlier models have been mentioned, but wondering if anyone has used this and found it useful. Having looked at some of my images that were processed on my monitor and then viewed on my phone it is clear that there are some issues. Not so much from color casting, but that the images are much darker when viewed on the phone. Guessing this will help? will it?
  9. Greetings Finally managed to house my D810 and looking forward to gaining a few tips and tricks to ease this steep learning curve.
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