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  1. Full kit including strobes still available! strobes $725 lenses, ports, camera, housing,+ accessories 2100 Everything together $2500
  2. included with prices for individual items: Olympus PT-EP13 plus kitdive tray ($600) Olympus EM5 mkii Camera Body ($400) Olympus 9-18 f4 rectalinear wide angle ($400) Olympus 14-42 f3.5 lens ($200) AOI SEMI DOME PORT ($375) 60mm macro lens ($250) Olympus flat port ($200) 2 ->YSD2 (375 each 725 for both)Asking $2700 for the whole packageOBO shipped CONUS for the whole package. Start shooting mirrorless tomorrow! Hoping to sell as a package but will split up if needed. Selling after an upgradeAlso included will be two fiber optic cables, two Olympus batteries, chargers, two flash Olympus units, and zoom gears for Olympus
  3. Have an Olympus housing with an AOI port for wide angle and a flat port for macro plus zoom gear for 9-18mm and the kit lens 14-42mm, let me know if you're still looking!
  4. Let me know if you figure out how to print that flip lens holder!
  5. Recently upgraded to a nauticam housing for an Olympus em1 mkii and I've decided it's time to get some new arms. I've noticed with my previous set ups that my camera was never properly balanced and took a good amount of effort to hold up. With this new rig, its even heavier and actually has me worried. I know the weight characteristics change underwater, but I was planning on upgrading my arms anyways right now. What is a good amount of buoyancy to start adding?? (i.e. how wide of arms in general or how buoyant?) Looking at using a 170mm glass port with Panasonic 7-14 and an Olympus 8mm as well as the n85 flat port with the Olympus 60mm. p.s. foam floats vs those float arms, is there a real advantage to the float arms or do they just look nicer?
  6. Hello! My name is Scott Roberts, I've been diving for about 10 years now and started taking photos underwater three years ago when I was given a gopro. After one trip with the gopro I was hooked, saved up all of my money from a summer internship and bought a Panasonic LX10 set up, loved it and used it for about a year until I graduated university when I took the step into the m 4/3 world with an Olympus OMd em5 mkii. Spent the next 6 months traveling and learning more and more about photography. Still in love with it and actually just upgraded to an Olympus Em-1 mkii in a nauticam housing! Excited to keep growing!
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