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  1. I have some news. I was contacted by the INON representative and he assured me that this is just some grease from the o-ring seal and it will disappear with time. Thank you all for taking interest in my case. Have a nice day!
  2. Nope, cracks did not disappear after the soaking. But since I cannot pressurize it with water it's not conclusive
  3. Hi. It can't be salt because it hasn't touch salt water yet (fresh only). But it might be moisture - yes. I have just put it into the water and we'll see what will happen after it soaks well. Top surface is smooth. I still hope someone with D200 will show up and check his/hers to compare.
  4. This one is brand new. That's why I went straight back to the distributor. But what you say, the crack are on the inside - like where the glass is glued to the case. I don't think they would make the seal this way - I hope it's there just for the looks - but I'm worried anyway.
  5. Hi, this is just a technical question. I have recently bought an Inon D200 strobe and since then it was underwater just once and not very deep. I have just noticed a little crack on the cover glass of the signalling diode. I wondered if someone with the D200 could check theirs if they also have such cracks or is it just me. Please see the picture attached. I wrote to the seller (German distributor) but since we have this Corona situation right now I don't blame them for not responding for past two weeks. Hopefully you can help
  6. Hi! I've been diving for just 6 years now, almost always with my old Canon S100. Quite recently, I decided to upgrade and bought a new camera and two strobes. Now I am just trying to get to know them and it's been quite a lot of fun so far Hopefully I will be able to contribute to the forum. Have a nice day!
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