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  1. Hi bhushan, I would be interested in buying it. Could I see a picture of the diopter? thanks, Arnau
  2. Fish swimming up a gorgonian coral head in Tamariu, Spain. Nikon D90, 10.5mm, ISO 200, f/16, 1/25s Ikelite housing and dual DS51 strobes @nau_uwphotography on Instagram Check out my website!
  3. Black moray eel (Muraena augusti) lurking out of a cave in El Hierro. Nikon D90, 105mm, ISO 200, f/16, 1/200s Ikelite housing and snooted DS51 strobe @nau_photography on Instagram Check out my website!
  4. Hi, I am Arnau Argemi, a Divemaster recently starting with underwater photography. I use my old Nikon D90 with an Ikelite housing and my old Nikon F4 with a Nexus housing. Looking forward to learn more about photography in Wetpixel.
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