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  1. I have had great luck with the SeaLife video lights (2000, 2300, and 2500 lumen) with both my GoPro 6 and my DC2000 camera. I have taken these cameras and lights all over Florida and the Carribean and had rich colors and great results with my editing. I know that others with more experience seem to point to other lights that offer improvement and I am watching these posts to learn. Thanks.
  2. Recommend you consider the SeaLife DC2000 for a beginner. Very easy to use with the various flash and video light combinations available. Relatively inexpensive and virtually indestructible. Great value for the money and superb product support from SeaLife.
  3. Hi: I am Greg Holder from Tampa. I have been diving since 1971 having grown up in Melbourne, FL. After time in the military, I returned to Florida from Korea and begain diving again in earnest. For over 25 years, we would take a yearly trip to the Tortugas on the Ultimate Getaway on Memorial Day weekend with 20 close friends. I now dive the east coast of Florida and take trips out of the country to various locations to engage in my passion, underwater photography. I plan to watch and learn from Wet Pixel and enjoy hearing from those with much more photography experience. Thanks for the tips.
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