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  1. Looking to buy a Subal bayonet adapter ring 4/3 part number BJAD34 so that I can use a type 3 port on my type 4 housing. Anyone got one floating around?
  2. They emailed me the manual very quickly! Here's a copy if anyone happens to find this thread in the future. OEM mk3_en.pdf
  3. I found an article in UwP calling it the "HeinrichsWeikamp converter for Nikon iTTL" or at least something that looks very close to this. Will email them to see if I can get the manual or if someone has a copy or knows where I can find one that would be great.
  4. I think that's the old Heinrichs Weikamp logo at the top? Not sure what boards like this they made though, nothing on the current website that I can see anyway.
  5. I recently purchased a second hand Subal ND30 which has finally arrived after 3 months of shipping from Canada (hooray!). It includes this TTL board but I don't recognize it, does anyone know what it is?
  6. Hello :) My name is Tim and I'm based near Auckland in New Zealand. Have been diving for about 2 years and doing under water photography for about 1 1/2 years of that. I currently have an Ikelite housing and a Canon 550D which I've been mostly using for wide angle shots. I do not have strobes for it so have been mostly cranking the ISO way up and doing what I can. I've still achieved some shots that I'm really proud of! I've recently purchased a Subal housing for a Nikon D300 as well as a Heinrichs Weikamp Digital Adapter to use with some old Sea&Sea strobes I've picked up along the way. This should be a great macro set up as it has a good view finder. I'm excited to see what comes of it. I've got a DIY attitude and not a huge budget so like to make and play with things rather than buying new and expensive toys. Can't wait until we get out of our lockdown and I can get wet!
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