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  1. Dear Adam, thanks for your answer. I will try with the 14.5 cm let's see the results.
  2. Dear Chris, thank you for your reply. the dome i listed would be custom made for me. do you have any minidome? can you measure the diameter of the glass and the radius of the curvature (the height) of the minidome glass? How thick it is ? Thank you Enrico
  3. Hi All, I'm shooting with a Canon R6 with a canon EF 8-15 F4 Fishyeye and a Giosim Housing (a small italian manufacturer). I have a 24 cm dome that i use for WA shots but i would like to try some CFWA shots so i'm looking for a minidome. The manufacturer is proposing me two options: - a 14.5 cm dome (semisferic) -a 10 cm X 4 cm (elliptic) minidome my preference would be for the second one but i'm not sure it will work perfectly with my fisheye being slightly elliptic. With the 14.5 cm dome i don't know if i can obtain real CFWA shots. Any suggestion ?
  4. Hello everybody one picture from my last trip back home in Sardinia https://www.juzaphoto.com/galleria.php?t=3691066&l=it Canon G7X MarkII Fantasea housing 2 Inon Z-330 Wide Angle Wet Lens UWL-09 F Thank you for your comments!!
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Enrico I'm from Italy but I live and work in Indonesia (Jakarta). I'm just a beginner with my G7XII, 2 Inon D-2000, an AOI bie eye lense and a Fantasea supermacro +12.5 lens. I'm here to learn and exchange experience and suggestion about diving and UW photography Enjoying the opportunity to live in Indonesia ;-) Happy diving !!!
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