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  1. Hello, I am after a Subal 90 Degree Finder, preferably in the UK or USA. Thanks Brian
  2. Hello, I am Brian from the UK, quite active on the UW Photography front around the South Coast. Due too C19, I have had 3 oversea's trips cancelled, but I am healthy and well which is the most important thing. Here is one from my favourite UK destination - Swanage Pier. Thanks Brian
  3. Hi, I have just picked a Subal ND20 Rig and looking for a suitable (but not silly expensive) focus light. Enclosed is a picture of the fitting but I am fairly certain I will need a cold shoe. On my old rig years ago I used a sea and sea focus light fitting and underwater kinetics torch, this was perfect attached to the housings cold shoe. Has anyone got any advice on what I need. Some links would be helpful. Thanks Brian
  4. Hi, I have just picked a Subal ND20 Rig and I am trying to identify exactly what of Type 3 Dome Port I have. Its 9cm (3 1/2") high and the diameter is just over 18cm (just over 7"). Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hello, After 12 years, I am getting back into UW Photography, I have just picked up a Subal ND20 Rig/Ports and other items. Just waiting to be delivered. I need to get an extension ring, but was wondering if the Bayonet Type is 3 or 4 ?? I would have thought its a Type 3 as its an older housing, but double checking. Keep safe Regards Brian UK
  6. Hello, After 12 years, I am getting back into UW Photography, I have just picked up a Subal ND2 Rig/Ports and other items. Also just picked up a Sea & Sea YS-D2 (no cable or arms), just waiting on both to be delivered. Years ago I had a Sea & Sea MDX300 with Sea and Sea Strobes so everything matched perfectly. My first question is what is the cable fitting that goes into the Subal Housing, so i can get the right cable, sort of hoping its the Sea & Sea 5 pin to 5 pin. My second question what fitting at the camera end is required for arms to be fitted, on all the pictures it looks like a flat plate, so its like the standard slide fitting. If anyone can offer an advice, better still links that would be very helpful. Keep safe Regards Brian UK
  7. Thanks for the update people, the Nikon 8-15mm looks interesting. Definitely food for thought !
  8. Hello, I am getting back into UW Photography after a 10 year break. I have just picked a nice housing, ports etc and other items and now considering a wide angle lens. The dome port I have is pretty much compatible with most lenses, the extension ring/zoom gear I have is for a Tokina 10-17mm. If any anyone has some feedback on this lens it would be useful. I used to a Nikon 10.5 fisheye but was not too keen on the this. I also had a Nikon 17-35mm which was great but very heavy (the cost of these even secondhand are quite alot). Also looking at alternative lenses for wide angle so please share. I already have a Nikon 24-70mm which I use topside, but again this is a bit of a lump ! The camera I have is a Nikon D7000 (crop sensor) Thanks Brian UK.
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